For all of those budding entrepreneurs looking to spread the word about your endeavors, we tapped our friend Jackie Thomson at Leapfrog to share a few tips on pitching your brand and here are a few easy do’s and don’ts to remember…

If you’re pitching to someone, you ALWAYS have to have a story to tell. DO always start with the elevator pitch and don’t forget to include the following; why are you different, what makes your brand newsworthy and how can you offer a unique point of view? When you can say this succinctly, you are ready to share your story. Before you tackle the next step, DO be sure that your photography is top notch and, if you have a product, be sure you have it photographed on a white background. Get a head shot, have your bio ready, and make sure you’re proud of your Instagram “quilt” and website.

Now, there is an actual art to pitching, and practice does make perfect. DO your homework! Before you ever hit ’send,’ make sure you are pitching to the right media outlet and to the right person there. Spend some time reading the publication, scroll through it’s social media accounts, catch up on digital content. When you find stories similar to the ones that you’re aiming to see published, take note of the editor and find other pieces penned by that person. What’s their voice, what are their interests, what type of content do they produce? Keep in mind the timing of long and short lead media and what stories the editors are working on. If it’s July, the magazines are researching brands to include in holiday gift guides – DO think ahead.

DO start a conversation with the editor and approach him or her respectfully but in a voice that is appropriate to that person. I always check a LinkedIn profile and their Instagram account before sending a pitch. That gives a little extra context to the person and maybe even identifies a few points of common interests. DON’T pitch multiple people at a time and DON’T copy and paste pitches. But really, DON’T – your formatting will be off and editors know when they’re getting a canned pitch.
Finally, DO think of your pitch as a package; include, an introduction, a unique point of view, and a concrete story idea with a few images to illustrate those elements.
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