One day, not too long ago, my daughter Liliana woke up and decided she was a big girl. The transition was both swift and unexpected as I fully imagined that she’d be my baby forever. By the time my daughter turned six, I started to hear things like “I can brush my teeth myself!” and “I want to read that book myself!” and it took me by surprise. One day, she came out of her room and proclaimed that she wanted a big girl room and it was clear that I needed to transition her room into something that felt a little more sophisticated and grown-up for the little lady she was becoming. 

Thankfully, this proclamation happened to coincide with a move, so the stars aligned and I got to work creating a Pinterest board for her the big girl bedroom of her dreams. Growing up, I had a hodgepodge of furniture, but I remember my mom and I sitting down to talk about the room design. She was so creative and had all of these ideas and I wanted to do the same for my daughter. I wanted to create a room that felt totally her, but also sort of me, since I was going to be spending a lot of time in there. I also wanted something timeless and special. Read on to check out how I created a dreamy bedroom that we both love.

Here are 7 tips to help you to transition your big girls room into a dreamy bedroom:

Check out how to create a dreamy bedroom using finds from pottery barn

1. Find a style that feels flexible.

While a themed room might be cool for a minute, your little one might grow out of it quickly and you’re left with a room filled with planets and stars when all she wants is butterflies and rainbows. No bueno. Instead, opt for a style that feels flexible so that you can change out accessories or art as your little gets older but still keep the furniture and main focus pieces the same.   

2. Add something whimsical. 

We chose to incorporate a canopy and I love how this piece really made the room and there is something so magical about a canopy over your bed. My daughter and I mixed a canopy, like the Monique Lhuiller Metallic Cornice Canopy, with the Feather Butterfly String Lights which gave the canopy a whimsical vibe. This is her absolute favorite part.


Heymama left image
Heymama right image

3. Mix and match.

I found that my daughter wanted a princess style while I wanted something modern. While going all in on one style choice could work, it felt more doable to pick a blend of styles together like this Gemma Campaign Dresser and the Blythe Tuffed Bed. I love how they play off each other so well.

4. Pick your colors. 

Focusing on a few key colors will really help you in the design process and give you a finished result that feels pulled together. We went with picking two primary colors and some secondary ones. Our primary colors were cream and pink, and then we have hints of gold and white throughout the room. These felt really easy to blend together and I was really careful about not having TOO much pink, because the goal was to create a room that could grow with her.

create a dreamy bedroom with the perfect desk


5. It’s all about the desk.

As kids get older, they have schedules and to-do’s lists all their own. We found that a great desk, like the Parsons Mini Desk, was a great option for her as it helps her stay organized. We chose to go with the white and small version so as to not take up too much space in the room, and added the Linen Heart Pinboard so she can pin her favorite pieces of art and notices from school.

5. Getting organized.

Liliana’s closet was big so we decided to put in a piece of organizational furniture in there so she could have her various toys and sheets, like the Organic Heart Sheet Set, all in one place. We got baskets, like the Boho Tassel Storage, and labeled them so she could know what was where. If I thought I needed organization, I find that kids need it even more!

6. It’s all about the details.

The things that make her love her room are the small pom poms, the little lights, the special stuffed animal and the Horse Lamp Base that I got her. It’s the small things. They all add up to give the room such a special energy.

a sweet and dreamy bedroom for a little girl


7. To daybed or not to daybed.

Ultimately, we went with a more traditional bed, but, a daybed is a solid choice for a big girls room. They are super flexible as they can be more like couches for friends, or beds when they go to sleep, and many come with a trundle. Dress it up with lots of pillows, they are perfect for a pillow fight!


Thank you to Pottery Barn Kids for providing us with these gorgeous items for review.

I hope these picks help you to create the kids’ room of your dreams! Share your finished looks with us by tagging us on @heymamaco

Photo credit: Kelsey Ann Rose

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