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Lately we’ve been more conscious than ever about what we put both in and on our bodies. Thankfully, there are women like Stephanie Pascarella who have made natural skin care their mission. After not finding what she was looking for when bathing her first born, Stephanie started creating soaps out of natural, organic ingredients. Seeing that she was onto something, Stephanie decided to launch Wash with Water: a skin and haircare company that uses a small batch process, with USA-grown ingredients that are chemical and synthetic-free, vegan and all natural. We caught up with Stephanie to chat about her growing family (she now has three little ones!) and booming business. Read on…

Wash With Water

Stephanie, congratulations on the success of your business Wash with Water! We’re big fans of your mission to create the most natural products possible for our children. What is your background and how did you go from your bathtub in Isle of Palms, South Carolina to the company you have today?  

For much of my early childhood in Vermont, I dreamed of being a farmer and was always inspired by the farm-to-table culture. After a decade in corporate America, I was ready to go back to my roots and bring farm-to-bathtub with small-batch crafted organic skin and hair products designed from tender moments I have experienced as a mother.

You are committed to crafting all-natural, organic skin and hair products that are 100 percent vegan and cruelty-free, as well as free of any harsh chemicals or synthetics (yes!). Why is this important to you, and what should mamas be on the lookout for when choosing their own products for their families?

By now, many folks know that the personal care industry is not well regulated — which means more than ever you need to trust the makers behind your products. As an indie business founder, I do not answer to shareholders or feel the pressures of mass producing overseas to keep up with demand. I simply trust my instincts and deep-rooted desire to create good for all children and the result has been our award-winning products. Wash with Water products are small batch-crafted each month to deliver the most effective and gentle hair and skincare to your loved ones.  

All Wash with Water products are produced right here in the USA, with responsible sourcing, recycling, and community in mind. Tell us more about that commitment and how it impacts us. 

It is so important to me to create more than just “me too” products; I want our washies (aka customers) to know they are a part of something really important. Our ethos is to craft products using only ingredients chosen with the utmost care while creating a positive impact on the environment. From working with a women’s cooperative in Morocco’s Tiznit province (which provides local women with family supporting income) to planting a tree or native plant for every bar of soap sold, the washie footprint is one we can all be proud of.

We love the names of your products! Barenaked Babydoll is our fave. What other products do you have in the works?  

Aw thanks! The collection names are all pet names for my family members. We are continuing to expand our Barenaked Babydoll collection to offer beautifully crafted, organic alternatives for those with eczema. And I am so excited as we add everyday essentials to our new BB Beauty line of products. The BB Beauty Lip is ahhhmazing!

Wash With Water

How many people do you have working at your company? What does a typical day look like?  

Our team is made up of mommies, daddies, physicians and scientists all passionate about one thing in mind; crafting the safest, most effective natural bath products on the market. It’s a really special group because we have been together since the beginning. 

Currently our days are filled with testing prototypes for limited edition holiday gifts and gearing up for our “washie” pop-up tour from the East to West Coast! Stay tuned for details!

Motherhood is certainly not for the faint of heart…But regardless of how many late nights I have stepped on a lego or changed a diaper….on my lap…in a car..in between 16 errands, I count my blessings. Each and every day.

You are a busy mama of three (congrats!). How do you keep you and your family organized?

I am really blessed to have my parents just minutes away and a lot of helping hands. I wish I could say I organize the entire week on Sunday evenings but the reality is I Iike to just let each day unfold.

We love your philosophy that bath time should be family time and making it a daily ritual where you can connect. What are some ways that busy mamas can slow down and enjoy the little things?  

For mamas with babies, I love using bath time to put on a face mask. Andalou makes the perfect little single use pods, or I deep condition my hair. Both of you can enjoy this time and be spoiled. For parents of older children, creating laminated cards is a great way to enjoy bath time and catch up on the day. The cards my family enjoys asks questions like, “Who did you sit next to at lunch today?”, “What was the silliest thing that happened at school?” We all take turns picking a card and asking a question. I really believe children (and adults) sleep better when they take a moment to reflect on the day.


Wash With Water

Give us a peek into your own medicine cabinet! What are your favorite products for skincare? Beauty? 

Well, I was raised by hippies, so the “medicine cabinet” always starts with what is stocked in the kitchen from the farmers market. I swear by gut health as a catalyst for beautiful skin (kimchi and homemade kombucha) are my staples, plus adding The Super Elixer from Welleco to my water. I aim for 2 liters of water a day since I am still nursing. In terms of nighttime, the Ultimate Bar Soap and BB Beauty Oil and Barenaked Babydoll Cream will have you waking up with flawless skin every morning!

Are there any products that you use that you would consider “cheating” with for yourself because you love them so much? 

My grandmother, Meme, is such a huge beauty influence for me. She was a Betty Draper-esque 1950’s housewife and I never saw her leave the house without her hair set and makeup done. Meme is almost 90 and I taught her this summer to contour and do her brows big! I love playing with makeup and Biossance SQUALANE + ANTIOXIDANT CLEANSING CLOTHS are a must for removing makeup and cleansing on the go! When I am on the road travelling, I will add Vintner’s Daughter to my nighttime routine.

Wash With Water


For me, accepting that there really is no such thing as “balance” has been the most liberating. Some days I am really fueled by creating and pour myself into work, and other days I just want to sit and rock a baby or head to the beach and disconnect.

What is the best advice you’ve received?

If it’s not bringing you joy, you have permission to drop it.

What advice would you give to other mamas wanting to start a business?

Proactively surround yourself with like-minded makers and entrepreneurs (hello, heymama!) – cultivating these valuable relationships and supporting others will prove to be a tremendous source of inspiration, guidance and much needed love!

Wash With Water

Do you have a mantra or daily ritual? If so, what is it?  

I do meditate every morning, and right before I go to sleep each night. I’m naturally wired to be very anxious so going into the day and closing my day with intentional breathing offers a beautiful (and necessary) calm.

Do you have any non-negotiables with the balance between work and family? 

For me, accepting that there really is no such thing as “balance” has been the most liberating. Some days I am really fueled by creating and pour myself into work, and other days I just want to sit and rock a baby or head to the beach and disconnect. I really keep those two worlds separate which allows me to give 100% percent in the moment. It is a formula that works really well for us.

What’s been the most surprising thing about motherhood for you?  

An unbelievable sense of confidence that I didn’t have in my twenties. My babies act like I’ve hung the moon and it’s starting to rub off on me.

What do you think is more challenging: being a good mother or a good boss? Why? 

Motherhood is certainly not for the faint of heart, and unfortunately our house plants have received the brunt of it with our recent potty training with Vonn. It’s by far my most challenging role and it helps to have an appreciation for Wes Anderson kind of humor for survival. But regardless of how many late nights I have stepped on a lego or changed a diaper….on my lap…in a car..in between 16 errands, I count my blessings. Each and every day.

You seem so very zen. Is there anything that really pushes your buttons? 

Not really. I am Sicilian plus a Scorpio, so I think they cancel each other out. I’m only capable of getting really upset for about a minute and then I’m over it…nothing a glass of wine can’t fix, right?

3 pearls of wisdom


Thou shall practice self love! It took me until baby #3 to start making this a top priority. So many folks gravitate towards seIflessly giving, giving, giving which can be really challenging when we don’t fill our cup first.


Keeping a standing Wednesday “date night”.


Have a fully stocked “me” cabinet with treats, from chocolates to fun nail polishes. It’s an easy way to keep the “self love” in check.

xx Stephanie Pascarella

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