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Eden Grinshpan has a passion for food that’s apparent in her work and personal life. A TV personality and cook known for Eden Eats, a Cooking Channel show that she created and a judge on Top Chef Canada, Eden brings her personality and love of food to everything that she does. She is also a mama who chronicled her growing belly (and cravings) on Instagram with hilarious antics (check out her belly pasta picture) that she continues to keep real with a recent video of her busting a move with a breast pump. Busier than ever, she’s also on the rise in the food world, launching her first restaurant, Dez in NYC and more projects to come. For more about this amazing mama, read on…

It’s so nice to meet you, Eden! Tell us about how you got into food?

I became obsessed with cooking and baking in high school when I discovered the Food Network. I would watch hours and hours of Barefoot Contessa and Jamie Oliver. I was so inspired I started baking and cooking for my family. When it came time to apply for University, the only thing I had on my mind was cooking, so I applied to culinary school instead. I studied at Le Cordon Bleu in London, England and graduated with a grand diploma in both pastry and cuisine. After that I backpacked, traveled and lived abroad for a couple of years and ended up moving to NYC when I was 22. I’ve been living here ever since. I’ve sold a couple of shows to the Cooking Channel, the first one was called Eden Eats and the second one was called, Log on and Eat with Eden Grinshpan. I have been working in television since, judging cooking shows and I’m now the host of Top Chef Canada. I’m also in the process of opening my first restaurant with Esquared called DEZ [opening in 2018].

What are some of your favorite recipes that you’re ever made?

That’s a hard one to answer…I’ve cooked for years and I’ve been inspired by so many cuisines and experiences. I think the food that I love most is Middle-Eastern food, since I’m half Israeli and I lived there for almost two years after graduating culinary school. The cuisine really inspires me and I love the flavors.

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Tell us more about Eden Eats! How did it come about?

I sold a show called Eden Eats when I moved to NYC, and I’ve been working on the brand ever since. At first is was more about food from all over the world but now it’s more about my life and the food I eat now/living in Brooklyn with my husband and baby girl.

You post the funniest videos with your family! Did you always create content together?

We always collaborated but my husband was behind the camera. He’s a really funny guy and always makes me laugh so I started filming him, I wanted people to see how funny he was. Together we are such goofballs and I’m so happy people enjoy it. We love sharing our life experiences with everyone.

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 I always schedule downtime so that I can experience as much as I can with my daughter

Being a professional cook and being a new mom is a lot! How do you ‘balance’ it all?

I have my go-to dishes that really require very little effort. I mostly cook/eat a Middle-Eastern/Mediterranean diet, which allows for lots of vegetables, grains, lean proteins and herbs. So we roast and grill a lot of vegetables, do big salads and eat eggs for dinner a lot (love breakfast for dinner)

How has motherhood changed your career?

Now, I always schedule downtime so that I can experience as much as I can with my daughter, Ayv. Ido and I don’t want this to go by and feel like we missed out on anything. We are both super hands-on. I’m also still breastfeeding so everything I do, I need to plan around feeding her or pumping.

What is the craziest thing you’ve ever eaten?

Fertilized duck embryo egg….it was intense but a delicacy in some cultures so I won’t bash it:)

What’s been the most surprising thing about motherhood to you?

How much breastfeeding sucked at the beginning (Ha!). I was really surprised by how much it hurt. It took almost a month for it to not be painful. I am so happy I stuck it out because it has become my favorite part of the day.

We just heard about the opening of Dez! Can you tell us more about it?

Yes! I am in the process of opening up my first restaurant. I almost can’t believe it! It’s a dream come true. I’ve partnered with Esquared Hospitality and together we are going to open a fast casual contemporary Middle-Eastern restaurant called Dez in Nolita. The food is very vegetable heavy and is inspired by my Israeli background.

Check out more about Eden and her food adventures on Eden Eats.


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