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Before, when we weren’t logging into Zoom meetings while sheltering-in-place with our stir-crazy children to mitigate the spread of a deadly virus, the majority of moms worked outside the home. For most of us, this meant our kids were elsewhere during the day, but for a lot of moms, their babies were often present at work with them. 

It’s been a growing trend. As society became more accepting of working moms, workplaces started allowing moms to bring their babies to work. In 2019, more than 200 companies offered their employees babies-at-work programs, in the hopes of incorporating more of a “family-first work culture” in the workplace by supporting parents and recognizing their unique needs within the corporate sphere.

Employers and businesses doing more to adequately support working moms sounds like a net positive. In a country that doesn’t mandate paid maternity leave, pays mothers less than fathers, and refuses to offer universal childcare, us working moms need all the support we can get. But is allowing, or encouraging, moms to bring their babies to work really supporting career-oriented moms? Is it helpful for moms to have their babies in the office with them, or does it just make things that much harder? 

HeyMama reached out to entrepreneurial moms within our online community to get their take on whether or not taking their babies to work would be beneficial — or a logistical nightmare. Here’s what our online community of business moms had to say: 

“Depends on their age. I like it to set a good example for them. Their mom is a badass.” — @shannon_vistisen 

“For it!” — @absminihan 

“I couldn’t bring one to the office. Would feel guilty for both the baby and the office.” — @jhcre8tive

“Too distracting.” — @choix_shop

“If there was a nanny/teacher to watch the children I would be all for it. Otherwise, no.” — @ariellesilbermoody 

“Not possible with my job. Would be difficult to be vigilant in surgery.” — 

“For it.” — @t.katiemorrissey

“Too distracting for me!” — @stackedsimply 

“Raising babies is work! At the office or at home, [our babies] are always with us. Bring them everywhere.” — @lanierbrandauday

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