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We can’t help but get behind a company that believes, “that life should be 90% fun, 9% chores, and 1% silliness” and “that wearing superhero pajamas to school can be good for the soul.” With so little time, resources and energy to spend on shopping for our littles, we’re thrilled to find Boomdash to at least make the task at hand fun. Only a few months old, Boomdash is poised to be the latest go-to resource for Back to School shopping. From the latest accessories to the perfect layering combinations to ideas to take a uniform from boring to amazing, you’re bound to find something that both you and your littles will love. We sat down with Boomdash’s Editorial Director (and new heymama member!), Maureen Dempsey to find out more about her latest venture and her Fall favorites that you’ll want to check out. Read on…


Welcome to heymama Maureen! Can you tell us more about your background and what you were doing pre-Boomdash?

I’ve been in women’s online media for several (several!) years. I began on the print side as a fashion news writer at titles such as Shop Etc. and Marie Claire, then transitioned to digital at Vogue.com, Instyle.com, and SELF.com. While I’ve always covered fashion and lifestyle, I’ve found my niche with kids/parenting and shopping media at Boomdash.

Back to School

How old are your kids?

My daughter, Clemens, is 9, and my son, Wes, is 4.

Can you walk us through both a dream and a nightmare morning routine at your house?

My dream morning would involve me not prompting anyone to do anything. I would sip coffee and listen to music as I make breakfast and lunches and the kids get themselves ready peacefully. The reality is me commanding each child repeatedly to do the same things they do (every. single. morning.), like putting on their shoes and brushing their teeth.

What advice do you give mamas faced with little ones that refuse to wear anything outside of a tutu or superhero costumes?

Every phase passes. Embrace it. Buy multiples. We even created collections of said clothing obsessions:, like tutus and dinos. And always remember to clearly explain what will happen on laundry day so there aren’t epic meltdowns.

Back to School

What’s the biggest mistake parents can make when kids don’t want to get dressed? How can we help them love fashion?

I think we push too hard sometimes, mainly because of keeping on schedule or having our own ideas of what kids should look like (I’m the biggest offender of both of these). Let it go. If they aren’t getting dressed on time, stop hovering and walk away. They’ll probably end up doing it themselves once you back off, especially if you let them choose their clothing. If you want to encourage a love of fashion and help them develop their own style (but not look too crazy), you can pull together some looks beforehand and have them choose their favorite.

My little one has really sensitive skin… any suggestions for pieces or fabrics that she’ll love?

We have a ton of soft jersey and knits for kids with sensitivities. In fact, we put together a collection of our favorites for both boys and girls that are tagless and super comfy.

What trends are you loving for Back to School this year?

I’m loving all the folk and retro-inspired pieces for Fall. Mustard, burgundy, indigo…they remind me of my old-school Crayolas.

Back to School

What are 5 things every kid will want to have this year for Back to School?

  1. A fresh lunchbox. The unicorn trend is still going strong, but I also love this iridescent thing happening.
  2. If they’re wearing a uniform, you can easily dress it up. I’m loving a cute headband or a slick pair of socks.
  3. A vest. Perfect for layering on those fall days.
  4. If they’re little, a pair of velcro sneakers so they can get their own shoes on/off.
  5. Printed denim in large-print florals for girls and graphic design for boys.

Have you discovered any new brands that we should check out?

I am obsessed with Pink Chicken and brother brand Blue Rooster. They aren’t new, per se, but every season is better than the last. The brand’s embroidery and folk-inspired pieces are fabulous this year.

How is community important at Boomdash?

Community is how we support other parents and provide exactly what they need to make motherhood, shopping, and life in general easier. If we talk to our community and find out that they struggle with finding durable but good-looking socks, make-believe costumes that are washable, or any other need that comes along with the kids they’re raising, we can source and serve it up to them.


Why did you join heymama? What do you love about it?

I think moms are the most powerful members of our community (as a whole). They get things done – they’re focused, razor-sharp, passionate, and real. I love the idea of surrounding myself with others who are just as energized by their careers as they are about motherhood and find room in their lives for both.

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Maureen Dempsey is Editorial Director at Boomdash, where she edits the site’s blog The In Between and oversees all brand copy and messaging, and a mama to her two kiddos, daughter Clemens and son Wes.

Boomdash Campaign photos by Anna Palma

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