Jamie Koustas is an OG LA heymama crew member and she is near and dear to our community. She has the best personal style, sunny outlook and the greatest community around her. So much so, that we’ve tapped her to be one of our LA Ambassadors. Jamie is a fashion industry insider who runs not one, but two fashion related companies, and is a pro at building the business behind brands. We love you Jamie!



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What is your favorite quote?

“Hold the vision, trust the process.” – Unknown

What is the best advice you’ve ever been given?

People don’t know what you can offer them, you have to tell them. Be very clear in your goals to other people who can help and support you.

You are a brand guru and expert at growing businesses. What is one key marketing strategy that every business should follow?

Be very clear in your vision and brand story.  Do not deviate from this.  Keep a visual board that you constantly refer back too.  Everyone will have an idea of what your brand should be, but only you know what your brand is in its true essence.  

How does a start up know when it’s the right time to invest in a marketing program? Are there low cost things that they can do on their own from the get go?

Always, always tap into your own network first. You will be amazed how many within your own network are willing to help and collaborate! But you will not know until you ask. After you feel you have exhausted those resources, then you invest into a marketing program to expand your brand awareness.

We want every piece in your luxury resort line Acama Los Angeles (Emmanuelle Jumpsuit, you’re mine!). What is your number one travel destination pick for 2017, and which pieces from the line would you have to include in your bag?

I would love to go to Montenegro this year, it is less saturated than the rest of the Mediterranean and has been compared to the St. Tropez of the 1940’s.  My two pieces would be the Claudine Dress-easy to wear day to night – and the Circle Earrings.  A large pair of earrings can define any outfit, including a tee shirt.

Who/what do you look to for inspiration when you are in a creative slump?

I always look at vintage pictures of exotic locations, Yves Saint Laurent’s works, and a vacation plan to rejuvenate my focus.

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3 pearls of wisdom


Always allow your children to speak and be heard, come down to their level and look them in the eyes, I know this can be challenging, but often times conflict can be resolved and they are learning imperative communication skills.


Hold the vision, Trust the process (words I live by as a Mom and in life and business)


Everything is a stage. As our kids are growing and developing, testing boundaries and discovering the world there are both joys and challenges - both of which will be short lived (even when they seem like they have lasted forever).

xx Jamie Koustas

Jamie Koustas is the owner of the current agency and ACAMA clothing. You can follow the LA adventures of Jamie and her two littles here.

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