How do I apply?
Membership applications are accepted on the JOIN page. If our mission speaks to you or a mama you know, we invite you to apply!

How do I know if I’ve been accepted or not?
Heymama responds to applications as quickly as we can. We reserve the right to deny or wait-list any application. Some of the things we look for in applications are well-written and thoughtful responses, expertise in a particular field, exceptional prior work experiences, entrepreneurship, and social media feeds we feel share our passion for beautiful photography and storytelling.

Can we refer other mamas to apply?
If you have a mama you would like to refer to the community, please have her put your name on her application as her referral. We always welcome personal introductions to women that are achieving great things!

How do I get in touch with customer service?
Please email membership@heymama.co for any questions about how to use the platform. We’re here to help you!

Member Benefits

What do I get with my membership?
Heymama has created multiple ways for you to connect to other members – both digitally and in real life (our preferred method, call us old school) – and a benefits experience to get you the hookups and resources you need to live a beautiful life and run your business.

What kind of business benefits will I receive?
Heymama is working hard to build a network of trusted resources for our members to use so that they can help focus on building their businesses with vetted professionals (Photography, Graphic Design, Illustration, Copywriting, Writers, Creative Directors, Stylists, Marketing Experts, Funding and Growth Consultants, Accountants, Lawyers, Business Coaches, Investors, Event Planners, Caterers, Personal Assistants, and Public Relations to name a few).

What kind of lifestyle benefits will I get?
Our lives are made up of so much more than work, and many of the members in the community have built up beautiful brands that they believe in. We believe in them, too. We’ve curated businesses that we feel our members would fall in love with, mostly run and started by other mama members along with some national brands (Beauty, Hair, Fashion, Kids Fashion, Travel, Family, Childcare, Home Décor, Food, Home Organizers, Interior Designers, Fitness.

How do I suggest a membership perk?
If you are a member with a business and would like to be submitted for member perks consideration, please email memberperks@heymama.co. For additional suggestions, or to include someone whose work you have personally experienced and found to be exceptional, please email memberperks@heymama.co. 

How do I search for membership perks?
Perks are searchable by category and region. In major US cities, heymama will have local offerings. We’re always open to suggestions that can help us make this platform totally awesome. Keep checking back as we add perks!

Are the discounts only available to members?
Yes. Members are the only ones able to see the discount and redemption method. Do not share your login with non-members. Members who do share the login and codes may be asked to leave the community.


Where do events take place?
Heymama events take place in various cities nationwide, but the majority of the events occur in NYC, LA, San Francisco, Miami, Denver and the Hamptons. This list will grow along with us!

Will I get invited to every event?
Heymama has different types of events – from special dinners at our members’ homes to family events open to all. The majority of events will be visible on the heymama platform, and members from out of town will be able to join us at other city events with advance notice. On occasion, heymama curates special events and only invites a subset of our members as some of the brands we partner with may want a particular mama profile guest list. This is not meant to exclude anyone and there are plenty of events to enjoy. 

Are events paid?
Aside from annual retreats, full and half-day conferences and the occasional sit down meal, heymama events are predominantly free to members. However, if you would like to bring a friend to check out what we are all about, there may be a ticket fee.


How do I create my profile?
Your profile is automatically created from your application.

Do I have to answer every question?
We know how busy you are, so trust us when we say that we appreciate all the thought you put into your responses. This is the way you are represented to the world, and we want you to put your best self out there. You’re pretty amazing!

How big should my images be?
Heymama requires high resolution images for your profiles. We understand this may not be something that every member may have, so just ask us for local photography recommendations or tips on how to master an iPhone photo shoot.

Can I change my profile after it’s live?
Yes, your heymama profile can be updated online as your personal information evolves. If you have any questions with the process, simply email membership@heymama.co and we can help you out.

How do I choose a category?
Heymamas are grouped by industry. Please select the industry or industries that most embody the work you do. This will help other members find you to connect. 

Do I have to choose a location?
Yes. Currently you will be shown in the state you predominantly reside in. Other members will be able to search for you this way.

Connecting Online

How do I connect with other members?
Our messaging system is tied to your email account and allows you to message members directly and receive their replies or outreach to your inbox. If you are not comfortable with sharing your email, Houston we have a problem. Please make sure to use an email you feel comfortable being available within our closed network.

Are there rules about replying?
As a common courtesy to our members, we ask that you reply to any inbound messages within 14 business days (although we understand that things happen).

What about solicitation?
We all have great business and we want to share them, but actively trying to sell a product, spamming members and using the heymama platform as a way to solely sell your products is not allowed. If you feel that messages are bordering on solicitation, please notify the heymama admin team. Members that solicit or market their services in excessive fashion will be notified, and those do not follow the member rules will be asked to leave the group.

How do I search for other members?
You can search our membership by industry, location, and name. We hope mamas traveling to different cities can use heymama as a resource to help them build new relationships and get a warm welcome wherever they land.

Are members only visible to other members?
Heymama features new and selected profiles every single week, and some member profiles will be temporarily public on heymama.co. The majority of members are only visible to those in the community and messaging is only available with member access.

Are non-mamas allowed in the community?
Heymama is a community created with a mama in mind, and the vast majority of our members are mothers. There may be an occasional member who is either building a business in the motherhood space, or is close to that time in their journey.

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