Being on my second pregnancy, I’ve had the beautiful (and lucky!) chance to reflect on and compare the two, and figure out what makes me feel like the best me. Because let’s face it, life doesn’t stop when your second baby comes along. In fact, it speeds up! You have to upgrade your space, raise a child and, in my case, work through it all. So I’ve tried to distill the top five things that have made me feel pretty amazing this go-round in hopes that it may help other mamas as they consider how to best maximize this crazy journey that is pregnancy, and the miracle that is motherhood. Read on to check how I learned how to feel amazing during pregnancy.

How to Feel Amazing During Pregnancy

Check out these mama tips on how to feel amazing during pregnancy

1. Working out, hard.

This is completely dependent on the individual, and I’ll be totally honest, this was definitely not my motto in my first trimester. I’ll caveat what I’m about to say with the fact that I had an all-white diet of bagels, butter, cheese, and pasta for the months one through three. But when second trimester rolled around, I was determined to feel like myself again. So as my belly grew, so did my workouts. I still frequent SoulCycle, barre classes, and even the occasional Barry’s Bootcamp. For me, sweating hard and working hard has always been something that my body needed to function at its best, so I’ve continued the same routine to date with some slight modifications to ensure I’m not overheating or hurting the baby. But honestly, my favorite days are those where I can get a serious sweat going!

check out these helpful tips on how to feel amazing during pregnancy

2. Invest in a key piece that will make you feel GOOD because damn, you look good.

Honestly, with my first pregnancy, I was in total denial of being pregnant and thus, tried to weasel my growing body into a much-too-small-for-me skirt, a too-short shirt, and a non-belly friendly cut. The result was getting super bitter about my growing belly. Cut to this time around, and I figured out a magical secret. Invest in a really great pair of maternity jeans like these from NYDJ, and you are golden. Seriously golden. Because from there, you just need to buy some oversize shirts from your favorite label or shop, and then you can continue sporting both through the three months post pregnancy when no one tells you you’ll need to keep sporting your maternity looks. Or at least I had to. #wornwithpride

check out these helpful tips with a mama and baby on how to feel amazing during pregnancy

3. Going Out with your Girls (and your boy!)

There’s nothing worse than not drinking, except for not drinking AND having to stay at home and wallow in the fact that you are dry for the next 10 months. So I’ve enjoyed late nights with my hubby and girlfriends over cocktails (mocktails in my case!), getting high on amazing conversations and getting lost in funny banter and putting on a pair of heels that make me feel my best.check out these helpful tips from a working mom on how to look amazing during pregnancy

4. Pounding the Pavement. 

This is easy as I live in NYC, so it’s sort of a given, but the last go-round I moved to LA mid-pregnancy and placed my pregnant tush in a car to cart myself around everywhere. I gained a LOT of weight because of it. This time around, I’m back in NYC and that means huffing and puffing up and down subway stairs, running from meeting to meeting, and finding sweet cafes to duck into to get my work done. My circulation is much better (so far) with this little guy, and my energy levels, despite much more activity than my last pregnancy, are way up. Moral of the story? Get up and move, even if it’s to the fridge to get another pint of ice cream.

check out this stylish mama feeling amazing during pregnancy

5. Forgetting I’m Pregnant.

That’s right. Sorry ladies, I sort of hate myself for saying this, as I think that you should cherish the magic of making a baby and be a princess for the herculean task that you are in the midst of completing. You are a hero! Let others treat you special and like you’re pregnant, take that seat on the subway when it’s given to you and cut the reservation line to get off your feet, because you deserve it! However, with a toddler running around at maximum capacity, and with renovating a home and moving during these nine months, it’s easy to forget that I have life growing in my belly. The pains seem to disappear and the feeling of being “huge” is diminished, and then when I realize that I’m pregnant, Im super impressed with myself and pleasantly surprised that “I’m doing this!”.

it's so important to relax and feel amazing during pregnancy




Alison Koplar Wyatt has always sat on the business side of the publishing world, but found a niche in the native content space first at Elle Magazine overseeing their digital properties and then later, as the first advertising employee at Refinery29. After spending five years working with a team to make R29 a household name, she then went to Goop to do the same. She is a free agent now, and is now proud to be working with yours truly on her “real” passion – helping creative and entrepreneurial women THRIVE.

 As a working mama-on-duty that is constantly on-the-go, Ali needs a go-to clean look for her first cold-weather maternity experience in NYC. NYDJ’s uber-comfortable yet polished look does the trick, and she takes them from the office, to the streets, and back to the office again!

Ali is wearing the NYDJ the Ami Skinny Maternity leggings In Black and Big Sur.

Photos by Stevi Sesin

This post was sponsored by NYDJ

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