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Part of what gets us out of bed in the am (besides coffee) is discovering amazing and talented mamas and great products we think you might like! Although this series is sponsored by Fisher-Price, the Jonathan Adler Crafted By Fisher-Price Collection totally knocked us out with it’s incredible design and quality so we were thrilled to collaborate with them and the authentic women in these posts.

Our second mama in our #MakeRoomForBebe series is Ceres Mercurio. She is the pink-obsessed Brazilian mama from The Pink Dream, who’s also a financial analyst at Bloomberg. Talk about being left AND right brained! AND she’s doing it all, including her new baby.  Sophia is her first, so getting accustomed to a new baby in a home full of beautiful coffee table books, flower arrangements and lots of glass, there is sure some adjustments! From toy invasion to clearing out the space for her next flawless Instagram shot, baby items and messes must be stashed somewhere! This mama’s secret spot? The guest bathroom! Some pieces are beautiful enough to be left out though, like the new Jonathan Adler Crafted By Fisher-Price Collection. The sleek lines and bold prints suit any camera-ready home, making all of the bloggers and style enthusiasts obsessed! Scroll down to see some of Ceres’s before and after shots #forthegram, and read our interview on how this mama made her dream nursery.

We’d love to see how you get ready #forthegram. Join the #MakeRoomForBebe conversation by using the hashtag on your BEFOREs and AFTERs.

ceres mercurio

Sophia’s nursery is so organized. I drool over the photos of her drawers with those perfectly folded sweet outfits. Do you have any funny nesting stories when you were prepping the nursery?

I love pink, but I never knew how many shades of pink there are! Our wall looked liked a pink rainbow by the time we found the one we loved.

Your home style is so feminine that your little girl’s nursery fits seamlessly into the vibe of the house. You must have had so much fun decorating her room. Can you tell us about the process? Where did you get your inspiration from? What are some of your favorite resources?

I started planning and decorating as soon as I found out it was a girl! I really wanted a princess pink room. The inspiration was this gorgeous crown that I saw at Restoration Hardware. My favorite resources are eBay and Etsy for one of a kind pieces and Pottery Barn Kids for other decor items.


As a first time mama, what were you the most nervous about when waiting for your baby girl to arrive? Where those fears founded? How do you feel about them now?

I wasn’t really nervous, I was mostly super excited for this baby to arrive! Clearly, I had no idea what I was getting into lol! The first month and a half with my baby were the most intense time of my life. The sleep depravation combined with hormones and caring for a new life really overwhelms you. I remember my doctor saying “I expect you to cry, I expect you to loose it, it’s normal!” and he was so right. The newborn phase is not easy, especially if your baby has tummy issues, but it passes! And when you see that first smile, nothing else matters!

Flowers always makes us feel instantly zen. You always have the most gorgeous blooms on your feed. Do you have any tricks for creating simple gorgeous arrangements?

If you are working with a small arrangement, use a smaller vase and cut the stems just above the vase. Cut the stems a little everyday and add ice cubes to the water if the weather is too hot. Whole foods and Trader Joe’s have the best affordable flowers!

ceres mercurio

Your home always looks so amazingly perfect and clutter-free on social media! Can you tell us some of the funny things you’ve done to get your space ready #forthegram?

OMG! When I did the home tour for theeverygirl.com, I had to really style every corner of my house, so all the stuff that didn’t make it was stored in my guest bathroom and I could barely close the door!

By the time baby reaches 6 months old they have accumulated more stuff than we can imagine! What have you found to be really helpful to organize all your baby gear and toys to make your home feel like you?

Baskets are your best friend! I use them to store all her toys and put them away as soon as I can. When living in a small place, you really need think twice before making a purchase. No matter how many toys I buy her, she’s mostly interested in cables, empty water bottles and the molding on the wall.

Ceres Mercurio

Of everything on your registry and all the things you bought what have been some of the most loved and used things?

The most-loved and used things I purchased are items that helped me keep my child relaxed and preoccupied in order for me to eat and do chores around the house. The sensory gym from the Jonathan Adler Crafted by Fisher-Price collection is black and white (and those are the colors babies can distinguish at an early age) she would spend hours staring at all the toys. The Deluxe Bouncer with the attached lion, elephant and giraffe mobile helps me keep her entertained so I can eat some breakfast. Nosefrida is awesome. It’s disgusting at first use but you will realize how helpful it is. Lastly a hair brush! Sophia was born with sooo much hair, we have been using it since day one!

In the past 6 months, what would you say has been the most challenging part of motherhood. Anything that has made this challenge easier?

Sleep deprivation, how hard breastfeeding actually is, and just trying to balance work, motherhood and being a wife. What I think helps is an understanding partner and just knowing that it’s ok if you don’t get to 25% of your “to do” list done for the day (sometimes you are lucky if you get to brush your teeth and that is ok too!!). Using a phone app has made my life much easier. I am able to track her sleep and feeding times. It really makes it easy to remember what I have to do next, especially on those days where I get zero sleep. At the end of the day, just looking at my daughter’s face, seeing her little smile and how her eyes light up when she discovers the world around her makes every challenge worth it!

ceres mercurio

You’ve been up all night with Sophia and things are a little messy. You get a phone call that an old and really stylish friend is in the neighborhood, stopping by to “see the baby”. What do you do to pull things together ASAP?

I start by collecting all the toys and putting them in the baskets. Bottle drying racks are then carefully hidden under the sink. I try to hide more stuff in the guest bathroom so there is an airy feel when they walk in instead of baby clutter.

As Sophie moves into the next stage of babyhood, are you thinking about baby-proofing and making more changes to your space? What are your plans as she becomes more mobile, will you keep that gorgeous glass coffee table and all the perfectly placed pieces on it?

Yes, definitely. Now that she is starting to crawl everywhere and is specially interested in cables, molding and outlets, we are starting to add baby-proofing items around the house. The coffee table is staying for now, lol! Since the apartment is quite small and we have eyes on her all the time, we have managed to just pull her away from it. She is specially interested in the coffee table books! If she is playing in the living room I do add some pillows around the coffee table as added protection.


How are you integrating baby gear into the “adult” areas of your home, like the dining area and living room?

We don’t have much free space in the apartment, so I got a foam playpad that I lay in the living room every morning and take at apart at night. All her toys are in baskets that I also put it away when she is not playing. The only item that stays is her high chair, but since it’s a cute piece, I don’t mind it being displayed at all!

With all the soft colors in your home, how have you handled all the spills and messes that come with having a little one?

Thankfully my sofa cover is washable, so I can easily remove the cover and wash it. I might need to rethink the color pallets when she gets a little older, but for now things are kept clean and tidy.


To find our more about Ceres, check out her blog and follow her on Instagram.


Photos by Stevi Sesin


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