Setting a new goal can be scary. Sometimes a fear of failing can be completely stop us in our tracks. Maybe we don’t believe in ourselves enough, and we convince ourselves that our new goal is too far out of reach, too difficult, or not worth the risks. But as mamas we know a thing or two about dealing with challenges! Here we’ve compiled five tips every mama can use to help them crush their goals. 


Set a Deadline 

The most important factor to short term goal success is having a concrete deadline. Something you can’t take back or push forward. A baby’s due date is pretty intense, but if every goal had that serious of a deadline, wouldn’t we all be better off? Whatever your goal is, find a way to give it a REAL, no-takebacks deadline. If it’s fitness related, sign up for a 5k. Want to book a certain amount of clients? Price things out so you have to be booked out in order for it to work. Whatever it is, set that deadline.


Forget the Backup Plan 

It’s a bit like the buy yourself a dress two sizes too small thing: don’t give yourself an option to fail. When you can’t possibly not do something, you’ll always do it, because there’s just no other option. When you have no option but to succeed, you’re simply forced to make things happen. If you have a backup plan, you’ll know you’re safe. But if you really do want this goal then it’s simple: don’t give yourself an out. Gather all those eggs and put them in one basket. When you’ve got no other choice but to make it work, you will find a way to make it work.


Be Accountable…to Someone Else 

We all hate letting other people down, disappointing those around us, and going back on promises. So when you have a goal, telling everyone about it can be a great motivator. You’re not asking them for help, but asking them to keep you honest. When all the people you tell about your goal eventually ask follow-up questions, you’ll want to be able to respond in confidence that you’ve reached your goal, or that you’ve at least taken some of the necessary steps to get there. Try it out! Tell your parents, your husband, your siblings, your friends, your children — tell anyone who you’d hate to let down.


Map it Out 

Make sure that you map out exactly how you plan to achieve your goal. Don’t wander aimlessly. Having motivation and drive is not enough – you need an action plan. Let’s say you need to save money: well, it isn’t going to just fall from the sky. So you need to figure out precisely where this extra money will come from and how you will save it. This could mean taking on a side project, or working weekends. Maybe it’s just a matter of detailing exactly how many new clients you need to add to your base, and what your hourly rate needs to be in order to meet your goal by a certain deadline. Whatever the situation is, it’s extremely helpful to have a map in order to get where you’re going.


Make the Time

Liz Gilbert said it best: “You don’t find time…you make it.”

It’s not about finding the time in between your 9-5, zumba classes, hosting dinner parties, and catching up with friends at the bar. When you’re serious about your goals you MAKE the time to make it happen. You’re going to have to sacrifice some things in order to improve others. But honestly, it won’t even feel like a sacrifice. When you’re dedicated and you have a vision, it’s not that difficult to make time and spend it working toward making that vision a reality.

There’s really no great magic potion to make sh*t happen for you in your life. You have to want it and take action on it – it will always be up to you.


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