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Let’s face it: your partner and/or your kids might not guess what you want for Mother’s Day. They might not even interpret the most obvious of hints. So, from mama to mama, here’s permission to treat yourself a little (or maybe a lot) this year. You’ve earned it ten times over. Here are a few ways we’re treating ourselves this Mother’s Day.

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Level up your bag game.

Every year or two, each of us takes a look at that bag we use to schlep our laptops around and recognize the truth: it’s time for a new bag. Not just any new bag, but a bag that can go anywhere with us—a bag that’s both polished and low key, with enough room for all of our essentials but not so big that it might be mistaken for a carry-on suitcase. If you’re due for a new bag, why not gift yourself a new one this Mother’s Day? Or you could pick up a VIP ticket to All About That Mama, because all of the VIP swag will come in a Mamuye Classic Tote by Able. And that’s not all—you’ll also get a Crosby fanny pack by State Bags, a scarf by Alysia Thomas, and a customizable necklace by Able.

Get a blowout

In the right hands, a hair dryer is a magic wand. For most of us, those hands are not our own. There’s something about a professional blowout that leaves us feeling ready to take on the world. If you know what we’re talking about, treat yourself to a blowout this Mother’s Day. And if you join us at All About That Mama, we’ve already got that part covered. Stylists from Rob Peetoom will be there to give you blowout that will last through your Mother’s Day brunch plans.

Connect with your higher self

As busy mamas, making time for meditation and rituals that put us in touch with ourselves can be a challenge. But when we do make that time, the results can be life-changing. Whether it means making it out to a yoga class, booking a reading with a spiritual teacher, or just finding a moment alone at home, making time to connect with yourself on a deeper level might be the best Mother’s Day gift you can give yourself. At All About That Mama, Biet Simkin will kick off the day with a grounding meditation unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before. After lunch, Dr. Lauren Hazzouri will guide us in The Confidence Ceremony, a supercharged communal ritual combining the sacred arts of music and movement with proven evidence-based insights.

Invest in quality skincare

Like a blowout or The Confidence Ceremony, loving the skin you’re in can shift the way you carry yourself. What’s inside counts more than anything, but sometimes it feels easier to let our inner light shine when we’re not worried about the bags under our eyes or blemishes on our skin. Investing in skincare products that empower you to be your most confident self might be one of the best gifts you can give yourself this Mother’s Day. That’s why our All About That Mama gift bags include skincare products likeWander Beauty Baggage Claim Gold Eye Masks and Dr. Loretta Intense Replenishing Serum.

Get a manicure

What’s one thing you do before any big day you’re really excited about, whether it’s as once-in-a-lifetime as a wedding or it’s just to add extra polish to your look for an important meeting? For so many of us, it’s a manicure. HEYMAMA member Rachel Glass developed the most working-mama friendly mani we’ve ever experienced, and All About That Mama attendees will have a chance to see what we mean. All of Glosslab’s manicures and pedicures are waterless, which makes them quicker and more sanitary than the old standard.

If these all sound amazing to you, you’re in luck. In addition to access to Mama Matchmaking, panels including mama bosses like Rebecca Minkoff, Wander Beauty CEO Divya Gugnani, Success Academy CEO Eva Moskowitz, and more, tickets to All About That Mama on May 10th include all of the goodies listed above. Get your tickets here while they’re still available!

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