Diana Madison is a self-made media mogul who began with a dream to follow in the footsteps of Oprah Winfrey. After years of hustling and building her career behind the scenes at Entertainment Tonight, she ventured out on her own, starting a production studio, Obsev Studios, in partnership with her husband. Together, the two made Diana’s on-air dreams a reality, creating the popular YouTube series Hollyscoop, WTFood, and The Lowdown with Diana Madison—and growing her audience to over 500 million viewers a month. This month, Diana’s career comes full circle: She’s once again behind the camera for her new Lifetime series Glam Masters, a beauty competition show she is co-executive-producing with Kim Kardashian West (no biggie!). Here, Diana tells heymama how it all came together—and why working with Kim K. is so inspiring.

Diana, congratulations on the debut of Glam Masters! You’re the creator of the show and also the executive producer alongside Kim Kardashian. How did this project come to be?

Glam Masters was created for super talented makeup artists to showcase their talent on a large platform. I used to have makeup artists doing my makeup for my shows and telling me that their dream was to collaborate with Kim Kardashian. These artists admired Kim and her sisters for what they have contributed to the beauty world. I felt like there was a show there, so I took the idea to Kim, and here we are!

What’s it been like working with Kim? We’ve heard she’s one of the hardest-working women in the industry.

Kim was amazing to collaborate with on this project. She’s got an amazing work ethic and I admire the fact that she’s a mother and juggles work so effortlessly. As mothers, we all know how difficult it is to be a mompreneur.

Glam Masters Creator Diana Madison

We like to say “The Juggle is Real”. You just had your second baby (congrats!). How has the transition been from one to two?

The transition from one to two babies has been very hard and I’m actually having a tough time getting used to it. I had to start working almost immediately after giving birth so that hasn’t been easy on my body. Regardless of how difficult and challenging things are, being a mother is the most rewarding thing in the world. As I am answering these questions, I am sipping on my double shot espresso to keep up since I have been awake all night with my son Christian. It’s also been tough seeing my two-year-old daughter Collette get used to the idea that she has a sibling.


Going from one to two is tough! What is the best mom advice you’ve ever received?

The best mom advice I have received is from Anastasia Soare who owns Anastasia Beverly Hills. She messaged me right before I gave birth to my son Christian and said having a family is the secret to a happy life. Coming from someone like Anastasia who has built an empire, it was really refreshing hearing that. Sometimes, as a mother, you feel like you are behind on things because you are so busy running after the kids. The truth is, there is nothing more important in the world for me than having a family.

Glam Masters Creator Diana Madison

You’ve been working in Hollywood for a long time. What are your thoughts on the “Times Up” movement and do you think you’ve been treated differently in your career because you are a woman?

I am so happy to see so many amazing woman coming together and standing up to make a difference. It’s difficult to be a women in general in any industry and be taken seriously, given equal pay and not be judged by the way we look. I have had incidents throughout my career that have made me uncomfortable, however nothing comes close to some of the stories we have heard from other courageous woman who have spoken out. This movement is not only changing things in Hollywood, but it is bringing a larger discussion of how things should be for women all over the world.    


You were one of the first YouTubers to have your own web-based talk show. Tell us more about how you started this channel and where you see user-generated content heading.

Ten years ago,I started Hollyscoop from a tiny room in my parents house after I quit my job at Entertainment Tonight. I knew at ET they were never going to hire me as on-air talent. I decided to take matters into my own hands and started doing interviews on the red carpet. In the last ten years, I have interviewed so many people with this channel. I recently launched my personal channel Diana Madison on youtube, where my followers can get to know me through #bts moments of my show, celebrity interviews, beauty tutorials and mommy VLOGS. I see user-generated content going in longer formats. From 5 minutes to 20-30 minutes. This shows that people are wanting to watch longer format, which means more and more content.

Glam Masters Creator Diana Madison

You have a huge following across all social channels. What advice do you have for people wanting to develop their own personal brand?

Know who your audience is, and cater to what they want to see on your page.


We know you’ve got a huge beauty following as well. How has your beauty regime changed since becoming a mama?

My skin has changed a lot since I had my daughter Collette. After my first pregnancy I got eczema so my skincare routine has changed a lot. I am now using products that are organic. I didn’t really pay attention to what ingredients were found in my beauty products before my pregnancy but post-pregnancy, I pay a lot more attention to what I put on my body.


So tell us! What are your “must have” products right now?

I love using Anastasia Beverly Hills products. I am obsessed with her prism eyeshadow palette. I love Kim Kardashian’s makeup line. I am beyond obsessed with her contour palette and sticks. I also love Fenty Beauty foundation because Rihanna has created the perfect shade for my skin. I no longer have to mix different foundations to match my olive skin tone. As far as skincare, I am currently working on creating the perfect moisturizer for my eczema. Stay tuned as I plan to launch my own skincare line in the summer of 2018!

3 pearls of wisdom


Be patient.


Be strong.


Know that you’ve got this. A lot of mothers feel guilty and question how good of a mother they are. As I answer this question, I am struggling with a two year old that has a cold and my son Christian who is a newborn and is keeping me up late at nights. You never feel like the perfect mother, but just know that motherhood isn’t easy.

xx Diana Madison
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