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If you’ve had the luxury of unplugging this holiday season, you’ll soon realize that your laundry list of “things to do” is growing by the minute. There’s nothing like starting the New Year off on a clean slate, so take advantage of your last few days and upcoming flight home from the holidays to get yourself centered, organized and on point. The best part about solo time in the air? You are simply more productive. Really! We’ve tapped our friends at MyDomaine for their tried and true tips to be more productive on a plane. We’re ready for you 2017!

8 Tips To Be More Productive

  1. Make a pros-and-cons list. Chances are you’ve got a dilemma that’s preoccupying your thoughts. Take your flight time to write a pros and cons list—and make a decision before you land.
  2. Learn a language. Have a trip to a foreign country on the horizon in the New Year? Take your flight time to learn a few key words and phrases.
  3. Organize your bag. If you left in a rush, chances are your carry-on or handbag is a jumbled mess. Take the time to Konmari the contents of your bag and get everything organized.
  4. Get online and unsubscribe to email lists. Do you have access to in-flight WiFi? Take the time to answer all your emails and, while you’re at it, unsubscribe to all those mailing lists that are clogging your inbox.
  5. Try coloring. You know you want to try it—but can never find the time. Bring a small set of pencils and a coloring book on your next flight—you’ll never want to land.
  6. Plan something. Plan the décor of your next home, a dinner party, a surprise birthday, or a work project. You’ll be surprised how productive you can be during a few uninterrupted hours.
  7. Edit your Instagram photos. If you took hundreds of photos on your trip, use an app like VSCO to edit them and make them picture-perfect. Then, drop them into Planoly to create the perfect Instagram grid.
  8. Try journaling. Write down your thoughts from the trip and keep these memories forever.

Head over to MyDomaine to read the full article including tips to stay healthy or simply be distracted while in the sky.

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