The HeyMama Membership Grant Program


HeyMama is a community that facilitates high-performing professional relationships for working moms alongside exceptional resources that support growth, advancement, and evolution for members’ careers and businesses. These membership grants are our way of extending this invaluable lifeline to even more women.

Grant recipients will receive a subsidized year-long membership to HeyMama, along with individually matched mentoring, and tailored resources to help move them forward in life and career.

Women are each other’s
greatest resource.


In short, we love to see women sharing their power. It’s why we get out of bed in the morning. When it comes to professional networking, business literacy and education, and impactful resources, it’s usually the women who need these things the most who are at the greatest distance from the circles where they exist. Our mission is to call in as many women as we can for the mutual sharing of knowledge, access, and support — and to the greatest extent we can manage, we want to remove the cost barrier to entry for these resources.

And right now, this feels especially important. It’s no secret that moms have more forces working against their success than ever. Nearly 2.2 million women left the workforce between February and October of 2020, a figure that has cascading negative implications for women, families, industries, and the economy as a whole. A systemic lack of support during the pandemic and a tightly squeezed economy has come down with tremendous weight on mothers in the US. The truth is, 2020 isn’t the year that introduced new roadblocks and gaps in support for working moms — it’s just the year that showed everyone on an undeniable scale exactly how little support working moms have always gotten.

Because we believe that women are each other’s greatest resource, and that those of us who are at the biggest disadvantage right now should get even more concerted support, we’re launching this grant program to extend membership to working moms who are experiencing unique financial challenges in their lives or businesses.

Nearly 2.2 million women left
the workforce between February
and October of 2020.


Each membership grant will support a different group of women experiencing financial hardship. So what counts as “unique financial challenges”? You tell us. We fully believe that every mom who works — in a corporate job, as part of a startup team, running their own business, being self-employed, or having a side hustle of any size — would get so much from being a part of HeyMama. And we also know that everyone’s financial landscape is different, so whether or not HeyMama membership feels doable to you is…personal and subjective. We aren’t here to draw lines in the sand and try to quantify hardship. It looks different on everyone.

At HeyMama, community isn’t just a word we throw around — it’s a meaningful action. It’s showing up for ourselves and each other, every day. Community is something you do. If that resonates with you, and you want to join us, but you feel like the membership is cost-prohibitive, we want you to apply.

Community is
something you do.

Boston Mamas

HeyMama and WS Development are supporting Boston mamas with the connections and resources to move their lives and careers forward

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