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I moved from Phoenix to Brooklyn while I was pregnant with my son, Owen. At the time, I was working from home as a recruiter, and while the position was great through my pregnancy, I had a creative itch that needed to be scratched. I wanted the creative liberty and freedom of a blog, yet I had no idea where to start. At the same time, I grabbed coffee with Amy Frances, an acquaintance that had also moved to Brooklyn. Here, I shared the idea of this new project and she instantly offered her help with photography as she wanted to build her own portfolio. Just like that, Household Mag was born. It has grown to be a site that encompasses everything from recipes to my personal life and all that is left in between. I even opened a little online shop that holds curated items, which are both inexpensive and made locally. I really want to support my community as it has come to support me!

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Keeping my blog and social media real and relatable, I share the highs and lows of being a working mama, including my cathartic moments and meltdowns. Perfection doesn’t exist, so why act like it does! A lot of us juggle motherhood, work, our passion projects, marriage, and taking care of ourselves…if we have time, that is. It’s become an integral part of my life and I wouldn’t change it for the world, no matter how much I may be cracking under pressure and on edge. This passion project has also turned into a source of income, which we need in order to survive in this concrete jungle. As most of you know, living in New York costs a pretty penny and, to be totally honest, we need every last dollar we make to make it happen. So with that being said, here are my tips for how to work at home with a 10 month old.

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  1. Start your day with a long checklist. When I wake up I feel like my mind is bouncing all over the place. It’s so helpful for me if I just get all the to dos out of my brain and down on paper or organized into a list on my phone.
  2. Be very selective about the work you take on. There isn’t enough time in my schedule to take on projects I’m not wholeheartedly invested in. I’ve always been a bit of a “Yes Man”, and since becoming a mother I’ve learned the importance of kindly saying “No”.
  3. Work around your little one’s sleep schedule. Plan to get up early, stay up late, and work during nap times.
  4. Meal prep for the week over the weekend. This is something I need to be more consistent with and whenever I do it it’s life altering for the week. I find that if I plan ahead, I actually eat healthier rather than settling for whatever feels easiest to throw together in the moment.
  5. I try to do one small thing just for me weekly. A few things that are my go to’s for me time: yoga, a pedicure, running out for a cup of coffee alone, taking a nap (when Owen is also napping), or grabbing a drink with a friend.
  6. Get out and about with other mamas and kiddos. You’d be surprised how wonderful some adult conversation can be in the mix of taking care of Owen and working from home can be!
  7. Mommy Switch. Once a week take your friends kids so they can get work done, and then find a day where they can do the same for you. I recently started doing this with a mama friend of mine and it’s been so helpful for us both!
  8. Be prepared that not everything will go according to your schedule or plan. Forgive yourself, laugh at yourself, and be easy on yourself. Find time to pause and realize how much you’re actually doing (even when it feels like you’re scrambling). I like to think about the things I’ll remember in 5 or 10 years from now to gain a little perspective – and you better believe that it won’t be that the laundry wasn’t put away, or that I didn’t exercise enough, or that my hair wasn’t always perfect. If I look back and see that I was creating something beautiful I was passionate about while simultaneously connecting with my family I know I will be happy with how my time was spent.
  9. If you’re having to work when your kids are around and awake I find it super helpful to jump in and out of work – 30 minutes on, 30 minutes off. It’s really important to me to stay present and active with Owen, and it’s also essential that I get work done. A balance of the two is what’s best for us.
  10. Utilize apps. There are a few apps that make running my business and freelance work so much easier.
    1. Website Management – Squarespace Blog & Squarespace Commerce
    2. Communication – Slack
    3. Notes/Organization – Evernote
    4. Calendar  – Google Cal
    5. Time Management – Harvest
    6. Instagram Scheduling – Planoly

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Cactus Necklace

Photos by Amy Frances

All items can be bought on Household Mag’s new shop.

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