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We all live busy lives and unfortunately sometimes the dates of important events creep up on us. Don’t stress! For this Father’s Day, we’ve prepared a gift guide where two-day shipping on Amazon Prime is only a click away. Let’s face it, your Father’s Day present was probably stalling in your cart anyway.

The Outdoorsy Dad:

We know the outdoorsman like to be unreachable sometimes, but it never hurts to have a charged cell to check in everyday, or at least have some juice to take some pictures to show the fam after. The iBeek Solar Eternal Battery Pack charges anything you can connect via usb and can charge an iPhone fully around 4-5 times. $21.99.71CvaDK6FiL._SL1500_

The Freelancing Dad:

Regardless if you’re working from home or the local coffee shop, it’s always nice to be able to work in your own head. Bose QuietComfort Wireless Headphones are the noise-cancelling headphones dad needs in his life. $349.71wQcoPFiaL._SL1384_

The Hipster Dad:

Okay… You don’t NEED to be a hipster to enjoy this one, but if you want to be one of the cool kids and enjoy a delicious cup of drip coffee from the comfort of your home, this is what you need. Named one of the 100 best designed products of modern times by the Illinois Institute of Technology, The Chemix Glass Coffee Maker is sure to make dad his favorite cup of joe at any time of the day. $37.49.410XbJTPshL

The Home-Office Dad:
Dad complaining about the wifi service in your house, let alone the basement aka office? Enter eero. Basically, and “extender” that works. No more dead zones! Depending on the size of your home, you will need between 1-3. Starting at $199.61Vlduw4IaL._SL1500_

The Health Conscious Dad:

Withings Activite does everything from tracking steps to tracking sleep. This award-winning watch is the watch dad didn’t know he needed. With is classic and sleek design, you would never know that it connects to an app on your phone via bluetooth and can even wake you up with ease in the morning via vibrating pulses. $149.95.81mOCTZexFL._SL1500_

The Traveling Dad:

Whether for business or pleasure, anyone who is an avid traveller needs this smart suitcase. Bluesmart is a carry-on that can weigh itself, charge your computer and phone at once, has a GPS so you can find it in case of airport mishaps, and you can lock it from your phone via Android/iPhone app. $449.


The Gadget-Obsessed Dad:

Does Dad love all of the new technology coming out every year? Is he obsessed with asking Siri what the weather is, likes to listen to music at home but not want to get up to turn it on, and likes when objects get smarter with time? Then the Amazon Echo is perfect for him….and you when he’s not using it 😉 Can do everything from telling you your commute, setting timers and alarms and even ordering stuff on amazon with just the control of your voice. $179.99.


The Forgetful Dad:

Tile is the lifesaver to any dad that constantly misplaces his keys, phone, and anything else you can attach this “tile” to. You can log in via app or computer and it will ring until you find it. Also has a GPS tracker and works like Find My iPhone. Starting at $24.79.611XkjHdwGL._SL1299_

The Cooking Dad:

If dad is the designated chef and is all about cooking the best meat in town, then look no further than a PolyScience Sous Vide Cooker. This thing will cook everything with such accuracy that you will never be able to cook with anything else ever again. Say goodbye to over and undercooked food and hello to perfection in every single bite! $239.95.51u8nTZ-MUL

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