Being a busy mama sometimes means that you might miss stories and news from around the web. Like you, we also want to be connected to what’s going on in the world to have thoughtful conversations at cocktail parties, work, at the park while the kids play, and to just simply be informed! To help you out (and us too!), we’re excited to announce the launch of our new weekly column, the #heymamaminute, where we will share the best of what caught our attention this week. Read on to check out the first installation featuring 10 links you’ve got to read now!

1. Fascinating timeline of how women were the force behind the computer programming industry, then phased out in the 80s with the invention of the personal computer.

2. Touching letter from new mama, Serena Williams to her mom. Make sure you have some tissues handy.

3. Must-read personal essay about dealing with a miscarriage through taking selfies, listening to music, grieving, and sharing that helped the author start to heal.

4. When you don’t know what the hell to do post-hurricane, here are few options for how you can help victims in Mexico.

5. Even more infuriating healthcare cuts are coming from the GOP, creating more uninsured women, limited abortion access and more.

6. Baby, I don’t want to…tonight or, really, ever. Smart tips when you and your partner have mismatched libidos.

7. A new show, Entrepreneur Elevator Pitch, showcases contestants pitching their brand in an elevator. Could you nail a pitch in 60 seconds?

8. Didn’t make it to Fashion Week? No prob. Anna Wintour shares the best of what she saw in London, plus some casting notes to designers, in this mini video.

9.Beautiful letter from a NICU mom sharing her thoughts that she can’t always share with parents in the same situation.

10. Dear diary entries featuring seven days of a stay-at-home-mama who became a foot fetish model.

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