Happy Thanksgiving weekend, friends! We hope you had a great holiday with your family and friends and are enjoying the long weekend, shopping, catching up and just relaxing. If you have some time, catch up on the news with some of the links that we found compelling this week. Read on…


1. YouTube pulls the plug on this disturbing channel.

2. We love feel good news! Check out this couple who raised money for a homeless veteran.

3. Interesting story about how the brain is evolving.

4. Who do you think should be TIME’s person of the year? Rock your vote here.

5. Awesome recap of some of the best books about NYC.

6. Wow Рnearly half of cancers are linked to lifestyle causes.

7. Bring on the java!

8. How this women-led start-up is helping domestic abuse survivors.

9. A breakdown to better understand sexual harassment.

10. The rise of light pollution¬†and how it’s increasing on a global scale.


What news stories caught your attention this week?

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