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Happy Friday, mamas! We had a great start to our week at our monthly member meet-up and we are ending the week with our first heymama hosted Facebook Live interview! And in-between all of that we had events, content and event planning, and of course, running around with the kids. We finally had the chance to catch up on the news and we hope this run-down will help you, too. Check our 10 picks for this weeks heymama minute.

1. Are your kiddos watching too much TV or playing with their phones like crazy? Check out this new app that makes your kids earn their screen time.

2. Ready to Netflix and chill tonight, Mamas? Check out these underseen indies that are on our radar.

3. No Christmas presents for the Kutcher kids. What do think about no presents for the holidays?

4. We already knew this, but check out this piece from Forbes that highlights why Moms make the best CEOs.

5. Move over, boys a new contender is coming to late-night.

6. Thinking about going vegan? This article breaks down the many layers of this plant-based diet.

7. Baby blue for dudes? More about the rise of the lonely Dad.

8. The issue of never¬†having enough time a.k.a the other side of female empowerment that we don’t talk about.

9. Yes, a feel-good story about a group of women collecting Halloween costumes for kids affected by Harvey.

10. Harvey Weinstein’s great demise.

What did you read this week that made you think?

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