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Happy Friday, Mamas! It’s been one busy week, and yes, we say that a lot, but it’s been especially crazy with planning our awesome events, creating new content, and starting to think about the holidays. We are finally slowing down (a bit) and catching up on what’s going on around the web. Check out a few links that caught our eye:

1. Be careful with this IKEA dresser, Mamas.

2. A photographer tries to capture the intimacy of wealth.

3.  The motherhood+ running connection.

4. Why flexible workplaces are a win/win for entrepreneurs. Yes- and we couldn’t agree more!

5. How the Harvey Weinstein’s of the world are protected by lawyers.

6. New warning about smartwatches for kids.

7. No late-fees for kids’ books in NYC.

8. Would you get in on this Insta trend?

9. Powerful stuff – the mind still works after you die!

10. Check out this new study about the harm of excessive exercise.


What did you read this week? We would love to know.

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