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Happy Friday, lovelies! It’s been an exciting news week for team heymama where we had a feature on Glitter Guide and hosted three fun events. We are finally winding down, getting ready for the weekend and catching up on the best of the web. Read on to check out some links that caught our eye this week. What did we miss? Comment with an article that got you thinking this week.

  1. On working with your bestie, featuring tips from us!
  2. The rise of the Mormon beauty bloggers.
  3. What will the release of the JFK files tell us?
  4. New show about motherhood we really want to see.
  5. Love this! Finding inspiration in motherhood.
  6. Scary stats about the rise of African American mortality as a result of pregnancy or delivery complications.
  7. A dreamy collab we can’t get enough of.
  8. Megyn Kelly speaks out about harassment of women in the workplace. Check out the complete video from the TODAY show.
  9. Why you need a spouse/partner that supports your dreams.
  10. Insightful career-growth lessons from Arielle Tepper Madover.
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