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Happy Friday, mamas! We hope that you had a productive week and are ready to enjoy some much-needed chill time. We seriously want to hide under the covers after hearing the news from this week. From the awful tragedy in NYC to the growing sexual assault allegations, here are a few links that have been helping us get through:

    1. Our hearts are heavy for our beloved city and those affected by this tragedy.
    2. Is this the end of local news?
    3. rogue employee fights the resistance in his own way.
    4. Your kiddos can now have their own profiles on YouTube Kids.
    5. Too much candy in the house? Here are a few ideas with what you can do with it.
    6. More and more cases of sexual assault are coming to light. Let’s hope women will start to see justice prevail.
    7. Fantastic read about happiness, and why our main focus in life shouldn’t always be to pursue it.
    8. On single motherhood and their strength in society.
    9. Depressing stats on the state of equality for women.
    10. They’re baaaccckkkk, and we couldn’t be more thrilled!
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