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Hey, mamas we are so excited that it’s Friday. It’s been a busy week planning for 2018 and getting ready for our rag & bone event (we would love for you to join us if you’re in NYC!). As we wind down the week, we’ve been catching up on the latest news. From the latest in social media to the gender gap to leadership tips, we hope you enjoy our latest roundup. Read more…

  1. Say what? A plastic surgery channel from Apple? Would you tune in?
  2. The latest buzz from Twitter and Instagram. And how Facebook is beneficial for start-ups…for a cost.
  3. The issue working mothers face in tech.
  4. Women share their stories about the regrets of motherhood.
  5. A new show we want to check out.
  6. Something has to change about the growing gender pay gap.
  7. More stories like this are coming out everyday.
  8. Such a heartbreaking story. Our hearts go out to this mama.
  9. We are loving these leadership tips from working mamas.
  10. What we’ll be buying in bulk this holiday season.

What did you read this week that caught your attention?

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