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Happy weekend, mamas! We had a busy week with our Digital Daze event at rag & bone in NYC, FEED brunch in Denver, and Sip & Shop event with heymama member Lauren Gabrielson in Williamsburg. We’ve also been in hardcore planning mode for our All About That Mama event in LA (get your tickets now! Seriously, they are super limited!). We’re finally winding down and wanted to share some stories we’ve been catching up on from the week. Read on…

1. A must-read pregnancy announcement from the founder of Man Repeller.

2. So much money goes into gifting editors’ swag. Check out the POV of some publicists on this issue.

3. Tired mamas unite.

4. Interesting read about vitamins and how they really don’t do anything.

5. The battle to perform a transgender surgery in Moscow.

6. A slime ball cheat-sheet.

7. An Instagram-worthy breakfast in NYC we can’t wait to try.

8. This disturbing plan from Trump has been put on hold…for now.

9. Is this one of the secrets to longevity?

10. Preparation tips for a stress-free Thanksgiving. Yes, please!


What have you been reading this week? Share some of your favorite links in the comments section!

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