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We love exploring the amazing home cities of our heymamas, and this time we enlisted the help of Suzy Hathaway who gives us a peek into Boulder, Colorado. This busy mama of one specializes in company development and serves as an inspiration for women as a consultant at Career Contessa. Suzy recently made a big move across the pond from London back to the United States, after the birth of her adorable baby boy, Theodore. She still has more discovering to do, but she shared some her favorite spots in Boulder thus far.

Here is your Boulder, Colorado neighborhood guide:

1. Tell us about your brand and how you help other women develop their personal brands through Career Contessa?

I am a freelance talent consultant for tech companies. My goal is to help companies grow by hiring talent across levels and departments within their organization. I also mentor women through Career Contessa by empowering them in their own career journey by offering guidance on job search strategies, interviewing and personal brand – all while encouraging these women to be true to themselves.

2. What do you love about your town?

Boulder is an incredible place to live at the moment! We moved from London, so it has been a bit of an adjustment from a big city to a smaller town – but a welcomed one. The weather is sunny most days, so there is usually the opportunity to get out to have a walk, hike or picnic! I’ve also been so impressed by the amazing restaurants to try for date nights. Boulder has this wonderful small-town feel, but also a lot of the conveniences larger cities have with all the innovative companies it draws, amazing restaurants, museum of contemporary art, and it doesn’t skimp on some great shopping options. I think the fact that it’s a University town also has some great perks. There are people from all over the US that come to live here, and I was surprised by the amount of people I’ve met that come from all over the world. Last, but certainly not least, Boulder is never short for finding great tacos – which may be my favorite thing about Boulder.


3. Where do you like to take your son for a day out on the town?

I love taking my little one to nearby parks and on a walk along Boulder Creek. Beyond that, I’m still finding out the best places. Many of my mama friends take their little ones to music classes and other get-togethers. Since mine is 1 year old, we keep it pretty simple at this point and just go on adventures around town to discover Boulder together.

4. Since moving to Boulder, have you discovered a secret hot spot?

Yikes! Since I’m a recent transplant I bet this place is probably not so undiscovered, but we love a restaurant called Blackbelly. It’s in a random little suburban shopping center (not downtown with all the other hip restaurants/stores), but has sublime food. I definitely recommend it if you ever find yourself in Boulder! While it’s known for its meats, they also have great veggie options.

neighborhood guide boulder creek

5. If you had a free weekend alone, what would you do?

Probably sit by a pool and read, with a little massage in-between. I feel between work and the little one, I’m constantly moving (like so many of us mamas) – and just sitting and doing nothing sounds like such a dream.

neighborhood guide boulder colorado


6. Where is the best place to grab a coffee?

Logan’s Espresso Cafe in North Boulder; they have amazing coffee with a very relaxed vibe. However, if you’re looking for someplace downtown, I’d suggest Amante. It’s comfy and always has great sweets to try. It’s a great place to work too.

7. What is your favorite bookstore?

This is probably going to get mixed reviews, but we love Barnes n’ Noble. It’s close to us, and when I take the little one he can walk around and play easily. The staff are so friendly, and they have a great selection of books. It’s also near Whole Foods and the Wine Merchant, so I can usually hit three places easily with babe in tow.

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