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Bordered on the Biscayne Bay, Coconut Grove is known for its gorgeous greenery and burgeoning cultural scene, art galleries, awesome restaurants, boutiques and much more. To learn more about the area, we chatted with heymama member, Tara Katz about some of her favorite places to go in her beloved Miami neighborhood. Read more…

Hi, Tara! We are so excited to hear more about Coconut Grove, your neighborhood in Miami. First, can you tell us more about your company?

I am the co-founder (my sister, Erica, is my partner) of Snap’t. Snap’t is a patent pending line of interchangeable accessories for girls. Snap’t is about expressing yourself, every day of the week and every hour of the day. It’s about having the freedom to change your style whenever you please. And it’s about having fun – lots of fun. As the mothers of young girls, it is extremely important to us that Snap’t provides a tool for girls to connect with each other through a mutual love of personal expression. Snap’t is committed to causes that support strong, healthy, happy young women.

Every collection includes a snap to help raise money for a charity, which focuses on building self-esteem in young girls and encouraging them to be their best selves.

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What do you love about living in Miami and Coconut Grove?

Miami is a unique and exciting mix of laid-back beach vibes, hip urban culture, wild nature and a bursting art scene. The sun is pretty much shining year-round which creates an environment for healthy living. I love seeing people outside all the time, cycling, paddle boarding, walking. It just makes me feel happy!

The restaurant scene just keeps getting better and better. There is no lack for great food here! And sitting at an outdoor café in the middle of January isn’t too bad either.


What are some of the best beaches in Miami?

We love the beach on Key Biscayne. The water is very calm there and you can go far out. The beach is super-wide, so there’s lots of space to play and amazing coconut palm trees where you can sit in the shade. It doesn’t get super crowded, like in South Beach, so it’s a great beach to go to with other families. There’s an old-fashioned carousel on the beach that the kids love to ride. If we are feeling motivated, we like to bring rollerblades! There are some really great paths there.

What’s your favorite undiscovered hot spot in Coconut Grove?

I’m really loving Wynwood right now. It is overflowing with secret little gems everywhere. The art is obviously amazing and you can just wander around all day scoping out this chic neighborhood. Originally from New York, this neighborhood is my closest reminder to “home.” The second Saturday of every month is Art Walk Wynwood, which is like a huge block party. All of the shops and galleries are open and the vibe is awesome!

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If you had a free weekend in Coconut Grove, what would you do?

Wow! What I would do for a free weekend? With three kids that’s pretty much impossible. But a girl can dream! I’d sleep late, then go grab a great brunch at the Green Street Café in Coconut Grove. I would also love to hop on over to the Marina and rent some Jet Ski’s for an hour. Then, I’d go to Brickell City Centre, which is architecturally amazing and a real strain on the wallet! On the weekends, there is a fab Farmer’s Market where I’d visit to go get some fresh goodies. Oh, and I’d get the best sushi on the planet from Pubbelly Noodle Bar to devour their Tuna Pizza and a Butter Crab Roll. Delish!

I’d also love to check out at Miami Heat Game at the AAA, and if I still have the energy, I would head over to Broken Shaker for some serious cocktails!

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