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It’s been a rough news week (to say the least!). While we try to stay positive as much as possible, we have to admit how hard it has been to keep it all together amongst such tragedy. Check out some links that kept us up-to-date with what’s going on in the news this week.

1.Really, how do you talk to your kids during a tragedy like the Las Vegas shooting.

2. If you can’t put the Las Vegas tragedy into words for yourself, our own member, Lesile Bruce tries.

3. The complications of motherhood and how it changes all of us.

4. New storm is coming to the Gulf Coast! Stay safe.

5. So sad to hear about the young journalist who died from overworking.

6. The firm behind “Fearless Girl” in NYC underpaid their female workers.

7. How working mothers are role models! Yes!!

8. Cover story on gun control from TIME.

9. The juggle is real, right Jennifer Garner?!

10. Happiness is…rediscovering your favorite books from childhood as a parental.

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