One thing we know for sure right now: Community is more important than ever. Everyone is radically re-evaluating what it means to be part of the many communities they exist in, whether that’s our family, our neighborhood, or our job. But how do we stay connected when we’re apart? Where are the spaces where we feel most ourselves?

Right now, for example, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed or even panicked — but that’s not how we see it. To us, this moment is another time for the HeyMama community to do what it does best: transform things for themselves and their families. We turn challenges into opportunities, houses into homes, cars into home offices, and global crises into moments for family bonding and growth. Our mission is to help moms rediscover and delight in the day-to-day through fostering connection and we’re bringing that mission to life by teaming up with Lincoln—a storied brand with a commitment to delivering an elevated experience to working moms. After all, moms need and expect a lot more from their cars these days—they have to be a place to escape, revive, and reinvigorate oneself. And that’s why this partnership is built around four guiding principles:


Just as HeyMama is a safe and welcoming space for moms to come together, Lincoln provides a complete experience that feels like a retreat from the real world.


Moms know that self-care is not just a trend: it’s a necessity. Lincoln gives moms the space they need to indulge, relax and unwind (and sometimes, dance too).


HeyMama’s platform encourages connection to enhance personal and professional success. Our members are always moving forward, just like Lincoln.


Mamas make things more beautiful: we turn a house into a home and we turn meals into moments. In the same way, Lincoln turns vehicles into experiences, and turns outings from exhausting to exhilarating.

For all you HeyMamas, we’re thrilled to have you joining our  journey with Lincoln this year. We promise you’ll enjoy the ride.

Interested in learning more about Lincoln? Click here to get more information.

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