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It’s that time of the year again, and oh how we love to see our favorite fashion moms strut down the street, getting their picture taken by all of the street style photographers. They tell us that Fashion Week isn’t always glamorous and shared some hilarious moments of their fashion weeks past along with their must-have items for Fall, because we need some inspo for our next shopping trip~


1. Kate Davidson Hudson

Co-founder, Editorialist

  1. Hilarious Moment: I was once trapped in an elevator for over an hour coming out of an Oscar de la Renta show with Andre Leon Talley, and about 6 other editors. The elevator stopped between floors so eventually the FDNY had to break through the ceiling of the elevator and we had to climb up a ladder out the top, through the elevator shaft as the firemen helped us out on to the landing. The worse part was, I was about six months pregnant with my son at the time. As uncomfortable and nerve-wracking as the experience was, the running commentary from a colorful set of editors was pretty amusing to think back on…
  2. Fall Must-Have: Oh- so hard to choose. I’m currently lusting after Proenza Schouler’s whipstitched Hava bag. It’s equal parts cool and coquettish…exactly what I’m in the mood for 😉
Fashion Fails, Proenza Schouler Women's Hava Whipstitched Leather Chain Shoulder Bag

via saksfifthavenue


2.Nicole Chapoteau

Accessories Editor, Allure

  1. Hilarious Moment: My girls, Rajni Jaques and Shiona Turini, and I made our own Just Hold On, We’re Going Home music video on the streets in Paris and in our hotel room. We were hysterical.
  2. Fall Must-Have: Balenciaga denim jacket.

3. Jessica Wang

Blogger, NotJessFashion

  1.  Hilarious Moment: Not realizing part of my coat was covered in food stains from my daughter and got photographed all over.
  2.  Fall Must-Have: Anything velvet because luxury comfort is the key for this fall.



4. Rebecca Minkoff  

Designer, Rebecca Minkoff

  1. Hilarious Moment: When there was a blizzard on my first ever show and I had to be carried out of the venue because I had on open toe shoes.
  2. Fall Must-Have: Suede!



5. Patricia Chang

Designer and Blogger, Patricia Chang

  1. Hilarious Moment: This is from about 7 years ago! We used to work 40 straight days before a show when I was working as an intern for a fashion house. It was really intense. One day I snapped out of it and played hooky from work to go to a couple shows. It was so nice to just enjoy it from the other side instead of slaving away!
  2. Fall Must-Have: Oh yes! My shoe collaboration with Josefinas is launching this weekend! It’s a must have this fall because sneakers are in and when are cats ever not? The fur ball is faux, embellished with crystals and pearls. They are removable and attach to any pair of laces!

fashion moms, patricia chang, blogger, collaboration, josefinas x patricia chang

via Patricia Chang


6. Charlotte Groeneveld

Blogger, The Fashion Guitar

  1. Hilarious Moment: I remember a Haute Couture week in Paris when I was still breast feeding Stella. So in-between the shows, I was actually pumping in my hotel room… so charming 🙂
  2. Fall Mush Have: Been wearing this Valentino jacket for NYFW

The Fashion Guitar

7. Celine Aagaard

Founder and Editor in Chief, Envelope.no

  1. Hilarious Moment: I don’t know about funniest, but the funnest was at last year’s Diesel party in the apartment. It was insane. It was like attending a private house party with the best music and best people. We danced all night!
  2. Fall Must-Have: That’s tricky. After 3 days at NYFW, there’s so much in my mind. I love hoodies and bomber jackets, so that might be a thing. Style them cool and effortless. I would also say a pair of army boots is a MUST.


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