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We met up with Amber Fillerup and her friends in Central Park for a playdate in Central Park (what they call “their backyard”). They threw down a blanket and a bag of toys and snuggled with their newest babies, while the older kids ran free! The whole squad (down to the littlest babe) was looking spring ready, decked out in H&M‘s newest fashion. We did  a sweet little interview with Amber and her friends on how motherhood has brought them closer. Check out their adorable style below.

Amber’s Outfit – TOP // JEANS // NECKLACE // SHOES // Janelle’s Outfit : Jacket // Andrea’s Outfit – Dress // Shoes // Atticus – BLAZER // SHIRT // JEANS+SUSPENDERS // Alfie’s Outfit – Shirt // Shorts // Rosie’s Dress // Jack’s Onesie

Amber Fillerup
Amber Fillerup Amber Fillerup Amber Fillerup in the park with friends Amber Fillerup on slide with Atticus Amber Fillerup and her son boy in the park Amber Fillerup and her friends Amber Fillerup and her son Amber Fillerup on the swing Amber Fillerup and baby Amber Fillerup and friends with kids in the park boy with a ball Amber Fillerup boy with a camera


1) What do you love most about your friend?

Amber: Janelle is really good at making everyone feel included and loved. She was one of the first people to befriend me in New York City. She goes out of her way to make sure everyone is taken care of.

Janelle: What I love most about Amber is her ability to make you feel comfortable and confident. She is fun and easy to be around. She is the first person to build you up.

2) Best memory of you and your kids together?

Amber: Our newborns are less than a month apart, so it is fun to see them grow together and hit all of these little milestones at the same time. The first time Rosie and I got to meet little Jack was the obvious favorite. I’m convinced that every newborn needs a newborn bestie.

Janelle: My favorite memory was the first time we had our babies together. I felt so supported by her throughout pregnancy that seeing the babies together and talking about our experience with birth and our newborns meant a lot to me.

3) How are your parenting styles different?

Amber: Jack is still only 3 months so it is hard to say at this point, but I think we are similar in that Janelle is super relaxed and go-with-the-flow – she doesn’t worry about your kid making a mess in her house or being wild. I am kind of the same way and it is nice to be around other moms who dont get stressed about messes or craziness

Janelle: I am such a new mom. It’s only been 3 months since my son was born. I am still developing a “parenting style.” We’ve talked a lot about schedules and I haven’t quite committed myself to one. I need to!

4) Best piece of parenting advice she’s given you?

Amber: I text Janelle for basically everything haha! She was a doula so I asked her for TONS of pregnancy advice – she basically saved my sanity during pregnancy. Janelle also has done preschool and nannying in the past, so she has tons of fun ideas. She plans all of our mommy play dates and they don’t disappoint.

Janelle: We have a mom chat going with parenting questions, funny mom stories, and other girl stuff. The advice she gives there is always so helpful; but more than anything, I have watched how much she enjoys her kids, and how calm she feels while parenting. Being a mother comes very natural to her.

5) How would she describe herself in three words?

Amber: Loyal, loving, happy.

Janelle: Adventurous, optimistic, enterprising.

6) How does she react to her kids tantrums?

Amber: Luckily Jack isn’t at the tantrum age yet

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