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First up on the #HMplaydate style series is Sai, from Scout the City, and her bestie Brooke, from Somewhere Lately. They explored Dumbo riding the carousel, eating ice cream and getting balloons for the girls. We asked them a few fun questions to see how well they know each other. The mamas and their little ones were decked out in H&M‘s spring fashions.


Scout The City Somewhere Lately #HMplaydate The Ultimate Playdate

Scout The City Somewhere Lately #HMplaydate The Ultimate Playdate
Scout The City Somewhere Lately #HMplaydate The Ultimate Playdate
Scout The City Somewhere Lately #HMplaydate The Ultimate Playdate
Scout The City Somewhere Lately #HMplaydate The Ultimate Playdate
Sai’s look: Jeans: c/o Flared High Jeans // Top: c/o H&M, Short Mock Top // Jacket: c/o H&M, shop similar here
London’s look: Jacket: c/o H&M (in-stores), shop our her  here // Skirt: c/o H&M, skirt in eyelet embroidery // Top: c/o H&M (in-stores) shop our pick here // Bag: c/o H&M (in-stores) shop our picks here
Brooke’s look: lace up top c/o H&M | faux suede jacket  c/o H&M| flared denim (in store, similar here) c/o H&M
Sophia’s look: sequin jacket c/o H&M | tee c/o H&M | jeans c/o H&M

How well do you know your bestie quiz?

1) What do you love most about your friend?

B: She’s sweet, understandable and a great mom.
S: Her easy-going spirit; she’s down for anything. 

2) What do you think she appreciates most about you?

B: My loyalty and easygoing attitude.
S: My honesty, sense of humor, and spontaneity. 

3) Her favorite thing about you is?

B: I’m ambitious.
S: My fun-loving attitude.  

4) Best memory of you and your kids together?

B: The ice cream fight the girls got into.
S: Riding the carousel in DUMBO – we (the moms) were experiencing motion sickness while the girls were having a blast! 

5) How are you parenting styles different?

B: She resides in the city, and I live outside the city, so she has more of a liberal nature as far as exploring the city, travel, etc., whereas I’m a little more protective (we moved out of the city before Sophia turned two).
S: I’m more laid back and she is more strict. 

6) Best piece of parenting advice she’s given you?

B: Don’t get in the habit of letting the kids sleep in your bed.
S: Prepare your child for the path, not the path for you child (she didn’t make this up though, don’t let her fool you).

7) How would she describe herself in three words?

B: Humorous, outgoing and witty.
S: Fun, loyal, and easygoing. 

8) How does she react to her kid’s tantrums?

B: She ignores them.
S: She doesn’t. 

9) Name her favorite TV show? Favorite guilty pleasure tv show?

B: This changes frequently, but currently it’s a show called “Billions” on Showtime. A guilty pleasure TV show is probably one of the “Love & Hip Hop” shows (she’s too embarrassed to actually admit that).
S: “Scandal,” I think. Guilty pleasure TV shows are the “Housewives” series, and “Total Divas” (that’s embarrassing). 

10) Funniest thing she’s ever done?

B: She was driving while day-dreaming and swerved because she saw a tree…but she realized it was only the tree air-freshener hanging in the car.
S: When walking into a crowded restaurant, she walked into a glass door (thinking it was open). 

11) If you spend a date together with your kids, what would she want to do most?

B: She would definitely want to go shopping and get something sweet to eat!
S: Brunch, shopping, and a park date. 

12) If your friend could take a trip anywhere in the world, where would it be?

B: Bora Bora
S: Bora Bora

13) Most perfect day for your friend  “sans kids”?

B: Lunch and shopping at Bergdorfs.
S: Probably a spa day in the city – nothing better than relaxing without having to worry about what the kids are doing! 

14) What’s a guilty pleasure that she wouldn’t want to admit?

B: She loves going to new restaurants that are popular (and hard to get a reservation at). She can appreciate a challenge, and if you know her…you know she usually gets her way ;).
S: Requesting the best table in a restaurant every time she makes a reservation…but hey, if you don’t ask, you won’t receive! 

15) If your friend could have one wish what would it be?

B: Sorry to sound like a Hallmark card…but she would probably wish that all children could be loved and adored.
S: To live forever in a happy world! 

16) Who is your friend’s style icon?

B: She gets a lot of her Inspiration from Instagram, Pinterest, and the streets of NYC. If I had to choose I would say Nicole Richie and Elle Ferguson (Instagram).
S: I think she draws inspiration from a lot of different places, but if she had one style icon it would probably be Monica Rose (celebrity stylist). 

17) If she could be anyone for a day who would it be?

B: She wouldn’t want to be anyone else, she loves her life!
S: Her husband just to see how fantastic it is being married to her…just kidding, she’s happy being herself! 

To see more of Sai follow @scoutfashion & scoutthecity.com and to see more of Brooke follow  @somewherelately & somewherelately.com

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