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Happy holidays, mamas! We hope that you’re having the best day with your friends and family, and even sneaking in some rest (a mama can dream, right!?). To keep things light and fun, we are excited to share a roundup of some of the cutest puppies, PJs and holiday tree images from our members. Check out more…

Cuteness Overload Featuring Puppies, PJs and Trees!

1. Denise Woodard, founder of Partake Foods, her husband and their daughter, Vivienne, age two.

puppies pjs trees partake foods family


2. Christine Yeargin of Cake for Breakfast with her toddler.

puppies pjs, trees Christine Yeargin of Cake for Breakfast with her toddler

3. Belinda Bank with Lisa Aber-Cohen (mother-in-law), Marian Lee (BFF), Cate Dicus and (6-year-old, Marian’s daughter/my “niece”).

puppoes pjs trees belinda bank


4. Jordan Rhodes of Glimpse Guides. Image of her boys Harvey, age 2, Ruffin (dog), 10 weeks and Noah, age 4.

puppies, pjs, trees from glimpse guides

5. Rachel Pitzel of xo Rachel Pitzel is pictured with with Harper, age 3, and Grayson, age 6. 

rachel pitzel puppies pjs and trees on heymama

6. Joann Pucciarelli of Fashion Edge sharing the image of Olivia Reece Pucciarelli, age 5.

puppies, pjs and trees Joann Pucciarelli on heymama


7. Nancy Deane, Senior Editor of heymama, sharing an image of her twins, Hudson and Harlow, age 6. Photo by stevilou

puppies, pjs and trees nancy deane on heymama


8. Lauren Soufleris with her husband, Adam, and son, George, age 2. Photo by: @charliejulietphotography 

lauren puppies pjs and trees on heymama


9. Jennifer Sousa of Being Martousa with her husband and kids, Jagger, age 4, Layla, age 2 and dog.

Jennifer Sousa puppies, pjs, trees on heymama

10. Liz Anthony, founder of NYC PR firm @MariposaComm, with husband and kids, V, almost 4 and Alice, 18 months.

liz anthony puppies pjs and trees


11. Jasmine Montoya of Coaching by Jasmine, sharing an image of her son, Noah, age 4, being influenced by Eric, his elf on the shelf to eat Santa’s cookies!

puppies, pjs, trees, jasmine on heymama


12. Cynthia Pillsbury, the co-founder of Oliver Guide, sharing a picture of her dogs, Taxi and Chip.

puppies pjs trees oliver guides


13. Samantha Gutstadt of Sam So Much, sharing a picture of her boys, Ryder and Asher. Photo byStephanie of @ographr

Samantha Gutstadt puppies pjs trees on heymama


14. Shea Curry of Cool Kids Style Club, sharing an image of her Christmas tree and her DIY tree skirt.

shea curry puppies, pjs, trees


Happy Holidays, everyone! We would love to see your sweet holiday moments! Tag us at @heymamco or by using the hashtag #ohheymama



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