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Like most moms, the COVID-19 pandemic has taken a toll on my physical and mental health. Very few things have offered me an extended period of reprieve. But when a friend recommended cannabidiol, or CBD, I quickly noticed the ways in which CBD helps me parent during a pandemic. There isn’t a magic pill that can fix everything that’s going on in our lives right now, but for me at least, there’s been one magic thing that’s at least helped a lot.

It didn’t take long for the ongoing public health crisis to impact the overall state of my health and wellness, and in ways both big and small. After a few weeks of sheltering-in-place, being the primary caregiver for my two children, 6 and 1, and facilitating at-home e-learning while simultaneously working from home, cooking, cleaning, and maintaining a home, I felt anxious, depressed, and overwhelmed. I had trouble concentrating, I couldn’t sleep at night or sleep through the night, and I noticed my alcohol consumption increased substantially. Before too long, that increase started to concern me. I didn’t want to rely on alcohol to weather this unparalleled storm, especially when alcohol only exacerbates depression, anxiety, and insomnia — all issues I was trying to navigate while caring for my two small children.

I had shared my concerns and struggles with a dear friend of mine, who has always been incredibly knowledgeable about the cannabis and cannabidiol space. After hearing how often I was pouring hefty glasses of wine, she recommended Equilibria, a premium CBD oil specifically for women that, per their website, focuses on members’ “quality of life by offering personalized, medical-grade CBD Oil routines with dedicated one-on-one Dosage Support.” 

“You’re going to need the dosage support,” my friend told me, knowing full well that my knowledge of CBD rivaled The Office’s Michael Scott’s knowledge of marijuana (or the four kinds of business, for that matter). “They’ll walk you through everything, so you won’t be trying the oil ‘alone’ and they’ll make sure you feel comfortable.” 

Per the experts at Equilibria, I started with one full dropper (10mg/1ml) of the Daily Drops in the evening. The next morning, I took a softgel (10mg) with a breakfast rich in healthy fats, which helps the body increase absorption. This initial dosage regimen allowed me to find my base dosage while giving me the freedom to experiment with other doses once I felt more comfortable. As the weeks went on, I played around with the dosage amounts (with the support of a dosage specialist) until I found one that felt right for my specific needs and body. 

Immediately, I was able to sleep through the night and fall asleep easier. To say that an increase in the amount and frequency of sleep was life-changing would be an understatement. I was able to focus, I was more patient with my children, and I felt better equipped, mentally and emotionally, to handle whatever another day spent in quarantine threw my way. 

My experience, it turns out, is not unique. Studies have shown that adequate sleep leads to a sharper brain, a better mood, and a healthy immune system: all important under normal circumstances, but especially essential during a global health crisis that has shown little to no signs of slowing down. 

But it was waking up with a clear head, sans that groggy, post-alcohol feeling, that I noticed the most. I was finally, after a month of increased drinking due to anxiety and overwhelm, able to start each day feeling more like myself. I didn’t need to “ease into” the day as another hangover wore off. I didn’t wake up regretting that last glass of wine, or wishing I had abstained entirely. I didn’t wake up dreading another busy morning routine of answering emails, overlooking work calendars, changing diapers, and making pancakes for breakfast. Instead, I was able to wake up rejuvenized, energized, and focused a necessity when my kids insist on a 5:30 a.m. wakeup call every. single. morning. 

That’s not to say that all my pandemic parenting woes have been instantly cured by Equilibria’s CBD Oil. I still get frustrated when I have to help my kid submit his math homework while feeding my 1-year-old and signing into yet another Zoom meeting. I still panic after watching too much CNN and spending too long doom scrolling on Twitter. But instead of reaching for an ill-advised and arguably unhealthy bottle of wine in those moments of heightened anxiety, I use a few drops (about ½ of a dropper) of CBD oil. And coupled with guided meditation and a few go-to at-home workouts, I’ve finally been able to manage, as best as I can, all that is required of me in this moment. It’s never easy, to be sure, but CBD oil has helped make pandemic parenting just a tad easier. 

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Also, as per FDA guidelines, Equilibria is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any ailments or disease. As always, consult with your physician before starting anything new that may interact with your current health plan.


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