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As busy mamas, so often we’re asked “how do you do it?!” Really, the answer is simple: gratitude. We’re grateful for our kids. We know just how lucky we are to spend our days doing work that fulfills us. We’re grateful for the early mornings and late nights, because they indicate just how full our lives are. We’re grateful for absolutely wild abundance that surrounds us and the sense that anything is possible. Our deep gratitude for these blessings and more allows us to keep things in perspective. Sure, we’re busy. We’re busy because we’re lucky.

Last week, our LA mamas took some time out from the everyday hustle for an evening filled with community, a beautiful meal, and most of all, gratitude. They each took a moment to share what they’re grateful for. Read on for a few of their responses.

“For this beautiful dinner with these incredible women. For being able to live a life of purpose & for the health and well being of my kids and the ones I love!”

“For an incredible circle of women around me.”

“For my family & great friends.”

“For badass women who support each other & love unconditionally.”

“For this group of inspiring women who are brilliant in so many different ways.”

“The group that surrounds me and lifts me up daily.”

Each mama left with even more to be grateful for. Melina Davies, owner of Olive & Thyme, complements her out-of-this-world meals with equally incredible gift boxes. Each mama in attendance went home with one!

We’ll wrap up with one last (but absolutely not least) thing we’re grateful for: this community. In just four years, HEYMAMA has grown from an Instagram account into a robust community for mamas in business thanks to the incredible women who show up for each other in big and small ways every single day. You take our ideas and turn them into a reality more beautiful than anything we could have dreamed up on our own. That’s what makes communities- especially this one- so magical. When we come together, we’re capable of so much more.

Thank you for making magic with us, mamas.

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