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Who caught a wave of FOMO scrolling through and IG feed filed with Coachella photos this weekend? Not our LA members, who were busy creating memorable moments of their own with their families at HATCH Santa Monica on Saturday. With music, art, a few brand activations, and a new pattern drop by Colugo, it even felt a little bit like a certain music festival. You might even call it “Kidchella.”

NYC member Jamie Kolnick, founder of Jam with Jamie, flew out to get the party started. With the music and the bubbles flowing, our members and their kids engaged in creative activities that put any lingering FOMO to rest.

Get the creative juices flowing.

Between a Foxy Parties dream catcher station for our big dreamers thanks to Colugo, instrument decorating courtesy of Jam with Jamie and Pipsticks Sticker Club, a cookie decorating station by Sid & Rye Treats, and a planting station by Once Upon a Farm, our members’ kids had so much creative juice they may end up headlining Coachella one day!

Hang with your mama crew.

From exchanging advice on sleep regressions and preschool searches to simply sharing a laugh, mamas in our community help each other navigate mama life in the most joyful way possible. And while we help each other out on the forums every day, there’s really nothing like coming together IRL.

Plant a seed and watch it grow.

Photo by @cherishing.lifes.sprinkles

The time we spend with our kids offers an opportunity to teach our kids. “Planting seeds” might mean teaching them a new skill or passing on wisdom you learned the hard way. Or it might just mean planting a seed and looking forward to watching it grow together.

Enjoy the show!

Who needs to watch someone else’s fully grown offspring frolic about on a stage when you have a little rockstar of your own just a few feet away?

Of course, we know our own events, like this one, might induce a little FOMO of their own. Don’t miss out on our next event! Join our community for an invite to the next one.

Photos by Katee Grace Photography except where noted.

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