Here at HEYMAMA, we have one goal: to help make mamas in business more successful. It’s why each person on our team wakes up every morning ready to work hard in our various roles. We’re lucky that mamas in our community help us get the word out, but we know there are tens of millions of mamas out there who could benefit from the sense of connection we facilitate. And we’re guessing they’re not all friends with our friends. That’s why we use social ads. 


Facebook targeting makes it so easy for us to get our ads in front of mamas who might be interested in joining our community. We run these ads because we believe in what we do here. We know that if any mama we’re targeting clicks on our ads, she’ll find connection and community waiting for her. The challenge is that when any and every mama we’re trying to reach scrolls past ads all day. How do we make ours stand out?


There’s one solution: video ads. Video ads can generate 20 percent more clicks than static images. If there’s that much potential to maximize our social ad spend, video ads are definitely worth trying out. But, like any lean startup, we don’t have the resources to create professional-quality videos for social ads. Or so we thought. Enter the Swish app.


With the premium version of the Swish app, we created the ad below with exactly $6.99 and less than one hour. The premium version of the app costs $9.99 for one month, $4.99/month for 12 months, or $119.99 as a one-time purchase. We’ll test the social video ads we created using the app over the next month. Here’s the process…you’ll see how short it is!


On the Swish app homepage, it’s easy to find a variety of professional-quality templates to choose from. If you like a template but don’t like the color of the text, the video, or even where the text lays on the page, don’t worry about it. You’ll be able to change all of this later on.

With the template chosen, the next step is choosing the creative. This is where Swish really helps businesses save money. Through the app, you’ll find a full library of stock footage from Getty Images to use in your ad. Typically, assets from Getty Images can get expensive. On the Swish app, they’re very affordable—especially for premium members. 

Next, it’s time to add copy. Even though it’s a video, the copy still needs to be just as tight and compelling as a static video ad. And with a high-quality video that will catch attention, it’s possible that even more people will take a moment to read the copy. In our ads, I reviewed paid social ads we’ve run in the past to find the copy that’s worked effectively. For the two ads I created, I landed on: “A tribe for mamas in business that will fuel your soul and your hustle” and “The mom group for those who said they’d never join a mom group.” Because every good social ad needs a call to action, I added “Apply to join our community today!” 

With the template, creative, and copy chosen, the ad was done. I created a professional-quality ad that will likely drive the best social ad performance we’ve ever had, all in well under an hour with basically no budget. Here’s another major perk: I don’t have to repeat that process to create different videos for all of the different formats, from IG stories to the Facebook feed. One process creates an ad that automatically adjusts for every platform in just one tap.


To begin using the videos in our social ads, all I had to do was press the “Preview” button in the top right corner, then the “Share” button on the next screen. You can share directly to Facebook or Instagram from the app, but I decided to save it directly to my phone so I could plug it into the Facebook Ads Manager.


Now, it’s time to start running the ads! Honestly, I love nerding out on social ads so it’s going to be fun to plug this into a campaign and watch how it performs. If you’re a HEYMAMA member with questions about the whole social ads process— from developing the creative to running the ads themselves— watch your inbox for an invite to my upcoming digital talk where I’ll share all this info and more. 


If you’re interested in seeing how the ads created using the Swish app perform, stay tuned! In one month, we’ll share an update how on the ads performed. In the meantime, download the app here to create social video ads of your own!

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