The resiliency and perseverance of moms are constantly tested. Whether it’s enduring late-night feedings, overcoming the very real fear of that first newborn car ride, to finding ways to parent during a pandemic and facilitate at-home e-learning while working from home, to be “strong like a mama” is to find a way through even the most overwhelming, confusing, exhausting, surprising of scenarios. And that has never been more apparent than the moment we’re all currently navigating. 

As a result of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, moms are shouldering the majority of their children’s educational needs, are sacrificing their work hours more than dads to do it, and all to the detriment of their mental health. This public health crisis has certainly revealed all moms especially entrepreneurial and business-minded moms are capable of doing, and often sans real, effectual systemic support. Which is why HeyMama and our partners at Lincoln couldn’t think of a better time to celebrate moms than in this moment, via our fifth annual Strong Like a Mama event. And we plan to keep it going with our upcoming HeyMama Summit, and are proud to say that Lincoln has partnered with us once again to provide working moms with the tools, advice, connection, and support they need to not only maintain their businesses but find a way to thrive personally and professionally.

“Honestly, if there was ever a time we needed to recharge and remember how strong we are, it definitely feels like now is that time,” Katya Libin, the co-founder and CEO of HeyMama, said when kicking off the three-day event on August 5. 

At HeyMama, we believe that moms deserve a few days to stop and take stock in all they’ve endured and, against the odds, accomplished, now and always. But more importantly, they deserve moments of reprieve and renewal; of self-care and wellness; of shamelessly self-love and a chance to recharge, ce-center, and re-devote themselves to their businesses, their families, and themselves.  –08962

 For Lincoln, finding a way to incorporate wellness practices in everyday life be it a morning ritual or the design of a car is an important pillar of the company’s brand and overall mission. And for us at HeyMama, empowering entrepreneurial and business-owning mothers to take that time for themselves and lean on their communities is one of the many reasons we’re dedicated to growing a reliable network that working moms can come to rely on, for both their personal and professional needs. 

During our Strong Like a Mama virtual celebration, HeyMama and Lincoln’s dedication to self-care, wellness, mindfulness, and mental and physical health permeated the three-day event. From kicking off the conference with a moment of meditation and mindfulness, to offering panels on restructuring wellness, radical self-acceptance, and learning how to be present in the moment, HeyMama and Lincoln aimed to remind all the attendees that us moms must put our mask on, as the saying goes, before helping with anyone else’s.

Calm’s mindfulness producer, Rose Nisker, led attendees in a morning mindfulness session as a way of kicking off the event in an authentic, mindful way, or as Nisker said, “to settle here and come into the moment.” 

“We are also conditioned to be multitaskers, especially moms, doing ten things at once with our minds on 50 other things,” Nisker explained. So it was important to HeyMama and Lincoln that every attendee was given a chance to practice “bringing our minds back to this moment, focusing on our breath and body, and just really finding some stillness,” as Nisker said prior to leading us all in a moment of meditation, mindfulness, and self-centering. 

But it was our Strong Like A Mama Restructuring Wellness panel that best encapsulated the true goal of our digital summit and the ongoing work to promote mindfulness and wellness for all parents, but specifically working moms who have created and own their own businesses. 

“Now is really a time for us as the mothers and the caretakers to reinforce our mental and physical health, and not just for ourselves but I feel like our kids are looking at us and our companies are looking at us and we have this opportunity to set the stage and fill our cups so that way we can come back stronger and better than ever for everybody,” Libin said at the start of the panel. 

“Given that more than 60% of our members are running their own businesses, I’m sure that a lot of you are in this very situation right now,” co-founder and chief community officer Amri Kibbler added. “And that’s why we’re here: this conference is about celebrating strength in all of its forms.”

The panel, moderated by Aliza Licht, offered wellness tips and tricks (and some unfiltered real talk) from leaders in the health and wellness industry. Rochelle Graham-Campbell, Katie Ann Rosen, Julie Cartwright, and Andrea Zeuhlk shared how they find time for self-care when that time, in many respects, simply doesn’t exist. 

“Wellness means to me is knowing when to press pause on the world and take care of myself and have what I consider a necessary selfish moment or day or hour,” Graham-Campbell said during the panel. “And sometimes, realistically, nowadays it may only be an hour, maybe even 30 minutes, but understanding that it needs to be a priority in order for me to function and be my best self for myself, and my family, and also for my business.” 

At HeyMama, we don’t believe that becoming a mother takes away from your ability to run a business or lead a company or fulfill your entrepreneurial goals. In fact, we believe motherhood enhances your ability to accomplish your business and career goals. But it also means prioritizing oneself and your wellness in order to work at the capacity that is required to fulfill the needs of your family, your business, and of course, to meet your needs as well. Our fifth annual Strong Like a Mama event was just one example of that belief and our ongoing dedication to meeting moms where they are in the moment, then providing them with the tools they need to maintain their health, wellness, and simultaneously build their businesses, achieve their financial goals, and build a life that doesn’t rely on their constant strength, but highlights it.

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