As we run our households, businesses, and more, moms are always looking for ways to make our lives easier. We make “investments” in time-saving hacks, from nannies and housekeepers to tech-driven conveniences like grocery delivery and subscription boxes. These tricks of the motherhood trade make our daily lives work better, but don’t account for an important piece of the puzzle: we need to balance our day-to-day at home and work with taking time to invest in ourselves.

Of course, when our “to do” lists are long and time is limited, that’s easier said than done.

Yes, there are those boss moms who regularly share the titles of the latest inspiration-fueling books they’ve read, but I’m in awe wondering how they do it. I’m typically drooling with the lights on five pages in. There are others with long lists of podcast recommendations. This too requires the time and discipline to catch the latest and greatest. And let’s be honest, most of us listen to podcasts while multitasking – whether it’s driving or doing the dishes – so, that time hardly represents a dedicated investment in ourselves.

Just like the ever-elusive date night, investing in ourselves and uncovering new inspiration for our business lives takes planning. So, as we look to the final months of 2018 and the New Year, I challenge each mama reading this to think about new ways to invest in yourself – from creating new daily habits to blocking off time for inspiration. Here are a few of my suggestions.

Find your muse. Every day we’re bombarded with countless inspirational phrases in our social media feeds. It’s incredibly easy to become numb to the power of these words. Take some time to curate your favorite quotes on a regular basis – daily, weekly or monthly, pick the cadence that feels right for you. Take it offline. Stick a few post-its with the words that inspire you in prominent places, like on the fridge, in your wallet, or on your dashboard. Consider why these particular phrases resonates with you during this chapter of your life. Use the physical post-it notes to encourage yourself to take the actions that best align with your goals. The deliberate act of identifying words to live by will help you break out of the day-to-day routine to invest time (and thought) into yourself.

Walk it off. Thanks to the neverending reminders on our wrists and phones, many of us are mindful of how often we sit or stand throughout the day. Making sure we get enough steps in each day brings countless health benefits, but even if we spend plenty of time walking we could be missing out on one of the key benefits: time to think. Taking a short, notification-free walking break gives a much-needed mental break. It’s a chance to disrupt the neverending craziness of emails, Slack notifications, managing kids’ schedules, and deciding what’s for dinner. In that simple stroll around the block, we create space for the emergence of unexpected insights that might otherwise get lost in the noise.

Get away. Whether it’s a meet-up, conference or retreat, seek out moments of connection and inspiration. These events are available throughout the year hosted by a range of entrepreneurs’ networks, women’s groups, co-working spaces, media companies and businesses (like HEYMAMA!). Sometimes events require an investment of time or money, but the benefits are well worth it. Throughout the coming year, few of the events on our radar with specific programming for entrepreneurs and women include: Serendipity, QuickBooks Connect, Rebelle Con, Girlboss Rally, Alt Summit, and Yellow Conference. Tickets for many of these events are on sale now – check them out! Plus, you heard it here first: the HEYMAMA team is gearing up to host our first conference, HEYMAMA Pivot, in March!

So, grab your calendar, set aside budget, and begin making plans to invest in you. We know the juggle is real, but you got this. Knowing that you’re taking the time and money to prioritize you is a source of inspiration in itself.


A former freelancer and full-time working mom, Kimmie Greene is a business mentor for QuickBooks at Intuit. Quickbooks is offering 20% off the Quickbooks Connect Conference. Use the code QBCINF18 to redeem at checkout.

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