Last year I launched Sat Nam babe, a line of socially conscious kids’ yoga clothes—think fun prints, pants made from recycled materials and positive uplifting messages. (Sat nam in Gurmukhi translates to “truth is my identity.”) As a first-time entrepreneur running a one-woman startup from a New York City apartment with no outsider funding, I’ve had my challenges. But it’s been an absolute blast to create a company that encourages kids to find themselves and live out loud.

People inevitably ask me two questions when they learn what I do for a living. The first is, “Do you make those clothes in my size?” Not yet, I say. Stay tuned. The second question is a little tougher. How many kids do you have?” people ask. I usually brush it off with a joking response designed to keep the mood light: Actually, none! This company is my first baby.

That’s right: I design clothes for kids, and I don’t have any kids of my own.

Sat Nam babe founder Jennifer Coulombe (photo: Chelsea Mazur Photography)

It’s not for lack of wanting children. In fact, starting a family is one of my deepest desires. It just hasn’t happened yet. I spent much of my early to mid-30s traveling internationally, attending business school, becoming certified to teach Kundalini yoga and—oh, yeah—launching a company. Even casual dating was difficult. During my business school days, I made my dates meet me at a place near campus from 9:30 to 10:30 p.m. on Tuesdays, the one free hour in my week.

Seeing children in my company’s clothes gives me hope for my personal journey.

Even when my schedule eased up a bit, I struggled to find a lasting romantic partnership. Some guys never progressed beyond crazy-first-date-story status. Some seemed like keepers and told me exactly what I wanted to hear, only for things to fizzle out or end in heartbreak. It was sad and frustrating.

So I birthed Sat Nam babe instead. Like many “startup moms,” I’m blown away by the incredible fact that I get to spend my working hours building a company that reflects my personal values. I also find it completely hysterical and entertaining that my Instagram feed is a nonstop scroll of breastfeeding, fertility and potty training. This is my world. At the same time, it isn’t.

I feel certain that the right man for me—my other half—is out there, and that I am meant to have a family. I yearn for him to find me so we can start on life’s adventures together. I trust the universe in allowing that part of my story to unfold when the time is right.

Seeing children in my company’s clothes gives me hope for my personal journey. I gain deep joy from watching these little ones—our future leaders and lightworkers—grow up into mindful citizens who will someday work to dismantle the hardships facing our world. I accept that my present role is to give families and kids the tools they need to channel their energy and find their true path.

Someday I’ll see my own kids rocking Sat Nam babe gear. I believe that. Until then, I’ll continue to follow my intuition and create cute clothes that yoga-loving mamas, grandmas, aunties and friends can use to impart an empowering message to the kiddos in their lives: Live boldly, and lean into those wild, untamed dreams.

Jennifer Coulombe, MBA, left her full-time job in 2016 to launch Sat Nam babe. When she’s not working on her latest collection, she can be found braving New York City’s streets on her bike, hanging out in her Brooklyn neighborhood and daydreaming about her next spontaneous travel adventure. 

Exclusively for heymama readers, Sat Nam babe is offering free shipping on U.S. orders through April 6. Enter code HEYMAMA at checkout. Limit one per customer.

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