It would be kind of an understatement to call entrepreneur Nikki Novo’s profession, “unique”. After a long-standing career as a successful magazine writer and editor, Nikki tuned into her gift of being able to commune with the spirit world and parlayed it into a full-fledged practice. Now, as an author, teacher, and coach – she offers her services as a Spiritual Mentor to clients by helping them achieve self-fulfillment, speak to loved ones — and even with matters of the heart. 

With the birth of baby number three, it helps immensely for Nikki to have the right gear. We recently spoke to Nikki about her experience with the product that helps Nikki maintain balance in the #juggle – the Joolz Geo² Tailor stroller. Backed by the brand’s philosophy of “positive design” – the belief that a stroller should be as comfortable to the person pushing it as it is to the baby inside of it – Nikki knows her Joolz stroller is good for both her posture and her well-being.  And on a more practical note, it has basket room for days – so Nikki can take the whole fam and everything that goes with it without worrying about space. Read on to see what makes the Joolz Geo² Tailor stand out from the strollers that came before it in Nikki’s past, and find out what she takes along with her on her family (and spiritual) journeys. (We were also lucky enough to get some business and dating advice from this gifted Spirit Coach, too, so make sure to read to the end!)

Nikki! We are so fascinated by you and what you do. We want to know everything! But since there is not that much time, we’ll settle for a sampling. How did you land on this very particular calling?

Growing up the child of immigrants I wasn’t really encouraged to find a career that made my heart flutter. The immigrant life is all about surviving and rising to the next level through education. But since the thought of becoming a doctor, attorney, or engineer made me want to cry, I realized I had no other chance but to find something I loved. I tried a lot of careers and ultimately found writing (contributing to publications susch as DailyCandy, Refinery29, MSN, and Town & Country, to name a few.)

In 2008, already a full-time writer, I had a boyfriend who started a blog for me. A few weeks later, we broke up and I used the blog to cope. I thought of this brilliant idea where I would go on a bunch of dates, write about them, and hopefully make my ex miss me so much that he would come back to me. He did not. But I did realize how much I loved to write about self-love.

Around the same time, I went to visit a psychic, because that’s what you do when you get dumped. I thought she was going to tell me that I was going to get married to a doctor in a few years and live happily ever after. Instead, she told me I was going to get into the metaphysics, which made me think I was going downhill.

She was right. I became interested in all things woo-woo and started to get certifications — just for fun — in modalities like Reiki, ThetaHealing, and hypnosis. I would practice on anyone who would let me and I ultimately discovered that I was channeling past loved ones and spirit guides. I realized I had been doing it since I was a child, but when I started to actually learn how to use my gift is when it all made sense and I was able to use it for good.

Writing fashion and beauty didn’t feel fulfilling anymore, so I began to make the transition by side-hustling. After a few years, it became my full-time work. And now I talk to the spirit world on the regular, through client work, in my writing, and teaching.

Joolz introduces the Geo2 stroller

For those of us less in touch with our “inner witch”, can you elaborate more on what a “spiritual activist” is, exactly, and tell us more about your work as a medium?

My intention is to encourage people to find their own way of having a spiritual relationship. A lot of times we give up or agree to something just because there isn’t an option that fits us. I believe we are meant to make our own.

Our spiritual relationship is really a lifestyle the same way healthy eating is. It’s something we work at every day in small ways. When we don’t make that connection between our spiritual selves and our human lives, we become very cloudy and forget why we’re here in the first place.


As a mom of three, you’re no stranger to baby gear. How have your tastes changed in baby products and what kinds of things are more important to you now, that you may not have looked for while making purchases in the past?

Now that I’m a few years into being a mom, one thing I’ve realized is how much buying power we have as mothers. In a world where my voice isn’t always being heard, I feel like something as simple as buying baby gear gives us the opportunity to declare what we stand for. We do this by using our dollars.

Joolz plants a tree for each stroller sold and the company uses reusable packaging. When we purchase a Joolz stroller, we are saying that these things matter. By supporting Joolz, I feel like I’m doing a small part to help pay back what we’ve borrowed from my children’s planet. We may not feel heard in Congress, but when we give our money to a company like Joolz, we’re creating our own change.

Nikki Novo tests the Joolz Geo2 Tailor stroller

The Joolz Geo² Tailor one-ups other strollers by boasting an extra large, removable basket. When you’re out and about with the fam, what are some of the items that get the most stroller basket real estate?

The extra large basket is a game-changer. My last stroller had a tiny basket for apparently tiny babies . . . I don’t know. So I was stuck using all these hooks.

Now that we have the Joolz Geo² Tailor, we utilize the basket in all sorts of ways. Even our dog rides in it! I can do a full grocery run with it. And what I love about the basket the most is how it keeps the peace in my family. With three kids you can imagine it’s hard to keep things fair. Since everyone’s stuff fits in the basket, there’s no whining! And, the basket can also be easily replaced by a seat or bassinet and turned into a double! It’s genius.


When getting ready for a big day out with the family, would you consider yourself a minimalist or maximalist? Tell us about some of your stroller essentials.

I think in my mind I like to think I’m a minimalist, but I usually find myself somewhere in the middle. We pack our Joolz Diaper Bag with all the essentials — diapers, burp cloths, blankies, a change of clothes, a change of clothes for Mommy (because: Baby throw up) and toss that in the basket. We also love the Joolz Comfort Cover. It looked complicated at first, but it’s so simple and compact. The best part is that it has UPF50 and offers great protection from the sun while still allowing a breeze through. Lastly, the cup holder is a must.

Heymama left image
Heymama right image

The Joolz Geo² Tailor is the first and only truly customizable stroller on the market –from fabric color, wheels, accent colors, to the diaper bag. Any particular colors that you find calming or that seem to chill out your baby? (We’re all ears.)

Yes, definitely. I used to be afraid of light colors for baby things, because I worried everything would get dirty. But this time around I wanted to feel good about what I was pushing and that it matched my own personal style. In other words, I gave myself permission to not be so practical all the time and to go with my heart instead. It sounds silly, but I feel better pushing my Geo² around because of the light colors I picked [when I customized it]: silver fabric, Angel Blue accents, silver chassis and wheels.


Do you connect with nature the same way you connect to the spirit world?

My husband is an arborist (basically, a tree doctor), and we own a plant nursery, which is part of the land we live on. Our trees and plants are our friends. I definitely feel their energy, but I must admit that if I even look at a plant, it usually dies. I don’t have the greenest thumb. Thank god for my husband!

Nikki Novo tests the Geo2 Tailor

You’ve worked with companies such as Macy’s, Equinox, and Clinique in helping them achieve “corporate wellness.” When companies come to you for this kind of package, what are some of the barriers to success that you tend to observe on the employee/staff level?

I see a lot of us struggling with work/life balance. We fail to create the boundaries in both areas of our lives that can give us space to be who we truly need to be.

I also see a lot of people struggling with a force within them that is asking them to redefine what success means to us. For a long time, we were all pushing for this very masculine kind of success, but we became burnt out — both men and women — and we’re starting to realize that success might look and feel a little different than we had originally imagined.


How can the average (read: perhaps not yet spiritually in-tune) entrepreneur apply a more intuitive practice into achieving business success? How much of professional success do you feel hinges on fulfilling one’s soul purpose or divine path?

I believe if we can get a better hold of our intuition, we can make better business decisions. That doesn’t mean tossing out numbers and analytics. In fact your intuition may lead you to work on the numbers! I don’t believe everyone will find their soul’s purpose in their work. For some of us, yes, what we do for a living is part of a higher calling, but for many of us it is the means to the lifestyle we need in order to fulfill our purpose.

Our life purpose is not found in just one area of life. I believe purpose is achieved when we wake up to what our soul signed up for this lifetime. And those can be various things. Our soul might have signed up to learn what independence is or what accepting help is or even finding worth regardless of what we produce. The soul evolves by working through many areas of life. For some it may evolve through building a company for others through family, and for others both!

Nikko Novo tests the Joolz Geo2

You’re a dating and relationship guru on top of everything else (!). So, for the single mamas, what are some of the best ways to manifest a great and worthy romantic partner?

I feel it really starts with getting clear on what it is you really want in a partnership. Once you have that clear picture, it’s about believing that it’s possible for you. And then we have to ask ourselves, “If I really believed this partnership existed for me, what steps would I take and not take?” Because a lot of times what we want is not in alignment with the choices we’re making.

I also feel we need to date in a way that feels good for us. Just because people are dating one way, doesn’t mean we need to date that way. If we use a dating app and don’t feel good about dating that way we’re not going to get the results we’re looking for.


Nikko Novo and her son

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