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If there’s one thing we all love at heymama it’s taking pictures of our littles. Lots and lots of pictures. Our crew of minis are growing up quickly and since time waits for no one, we are all about snapping and sharing those special yet fleeting moments. More than sharing, we want to actually have a meaningful way to look back and enjoy these photos. We want to have that amazing, quality family-time cuddled up with the stories of our lives, not craning our necks or fighting over a phone to look at photos. There needs to be a better way to organize, share our beautiful/silly/hilarious, and sometimes, messy lives with our immediate families and friends and to relive and time travel back to those amazing moments in time. Well, guys, we just discovered a pretty perfect way to bring the joy (quite literally) back to our homes and bring us closer together with the Joy Photo Album. With the number of photos that we all take on a daily basis, it’s about time that someone made photo sharing and photo enjoyment easier, and hassle-free. Read on… 

 More about the Joy Photo Album


we love the joy photo album


1. Easy uploading: Have you ever had to upload your images one-by-one because your online platform can’t handle multiple images? Or have you tried services that can only handle a certain image file or size? The most frustrating photo problem is finding a platform that allows you to upload and create photo albums and share them with your loved ones—no matter what device they’re on and no matter what file type you’re dealing with. With the Joy Photo Album, which is controlled directly via its companion Joy Album iOS, Android and web apps, you can easily create shareable albums, you simply check the photos you want going into an album. Even better, you can pull images and videos from your phone (the system is compatible with jpg, png, mov, mp4, HD videos, raw files, and panoramas files) as well as Dropbox, Google Photos, Facebook and Instagram.

2. Organization: After the uploading process, you then select which images you would like to organize for your album. After you make your selections, give your album a title, create a description and then you can share it with your friends or family via email. After you send the album, you’ll also receive a web link to your personal album where everyone that you share the link with can view. Your images are also instantly backed up in Joy’s secure cloud (that’s a whopping 10GB of free cloud storage, people!) that you can constantly add to, delete and/or resend. Now all your photos are organized in one place. For the first time, your whole life–your wedding, every birthday party, vacation is now at your fingertips.

3. StoryTime:  With our little ones growing up so quickly and many of our families living far away, we love that the Joy Photo Album has a feature called StoryTime. This allows families to tell stories in real time to a loved on through a voice call with screen share. We love this as a great way to set up weekly StoryTime sessions or check-ins with Grandma.

4. Voice Notes: The Joy Photo Album also includes allows you to leave voice notes, which is an audio commentary on any given photo or video. You just tap and hold any photo and record your reaction, details about where that photo was taken or even something sentimental. With this feature, anyone in your family can leave a voice note using either the Joy Album or the Joy Album app. Imagine how special it would be to have grandma record a voice note on your baby’s photo? It’s a memory that will forever be connected to that photo. If you want to surprise your spouse with something sweet, you could also leave voice note on one of your wedding photos, or just for fun, have your friends leave a voice note about a photo from a trip together. We think voice notes are so much more intimate than likes, hearts and comments.


joy photo album hot new device we love


5. It helps to bring back family picture time: We loved looking through old photo albums as kids and getting a glimpse into the lives our family members once lived. With a vision to bring humanity back to technology (we love that!), the Joy Photo Album wants to fill the void of the traditional photo album with every modern mama’s desire to share quickly, efficiently and easily. With this device, families can gather together, looking through the albums you set up or viewing albums that other family members or friends shared with you.

6. It has a cool design: A sleek device, the Joy Photo Album can easily blend into any modern home. We love its chic white interface, lightweight 13.3-inch touchscreen and wireless charging station [our cord-free dreams have been answered] that allows it to blend into the home with ease. The screen is also 66% larger than a personal tablet and features a 178° viewing angle, which makes it a really clear way for you to view your beautiful pictures and videos.


Check out even more about how the Joy Photo Album works by watching this fun video!


Enjoy taking lots of images, sharing them and connecting with loved ones. Now, that’s pure joy!

Learn more about the Joy Photo Album here.

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