One of the common questions we get here at HEYMAMA is, “how does she juggle it all?”. We know full well that the #juggleisreal and we wanted to take a peek into the lives of our mamas and get a first-hand glimpse at the hustle that goes into each jam-packed day. First up, twin mama Kelly Ingraham. New to our community, we loved how this twin mama dove head first into launching a business that focuses on creating a space for healing the mind and body in her hometown of Darien, CT, called Inner Light Wellness. After her own complicated delivery with her boys that involved a brutal cold, a pulled groin from a fall, pre-eclampsia resulting in a c-section and Bells Palsy, she attributes her recovery to her amazing team (leave it to your mama crew!) that helped her heal and get back to doing what she loves. We caught up with Kelly to see what a day in her life was really like, read on…


Inner Light Wellness founder Kelly Ingraham and her twins

6:30 AM – My boys wake sometime around now to start the day. I’m currently breastfeeding them individually, have done tandem too but this is what’s working for us right now. They aren’t fully sleeping through the night. Mack, my smaller twin, is still waking up a few times a night, Sawyer too on occasion.

8:30 AM – After a hectic couple hours of breakfast, playtime, getting dressed, and hopefully a shower, my hubby heads off to work. The babies go down for at least an hour (fingers crossed!).  While they sleep, I pack all their gear into my car, usually at a frenetic pace.

9:30 AM – The babies wake up, I get them ready to go as fast as humanly possible, and into the car. I kiss our golden retriever, Angler, good bye with treats and make sure his leash is out for his dog walker. The babies usually scream the whole car ride as they are hungry when they wake up. It’s not perfect, but I’ve found it’s better to do this than try to breastfeed them solo before transporting them or else I’ll barely make it to work at all.

Kelly Ingraham in her shop, Inner Light Wellness

10:30 AM – I’m hopefully at Inner Light by this time, after dropping the boys at my Mom and Dad’s who live about 10 minutes away – I am so lucky. I try to pump 2-3x while I am at work, since they will eat about that many times while I’m at work.

11:00 AM – When I’m not greeting customers in our store or showing our infrared therapy clients – who we call our guests – to their private rooms, my amazing manager Haley and I are scheming and strategizing for how to grow our business and community.

12:00 PM – Our day continues with our amazing guests in and out of the Shop and saunas. Infrared light deeply detoxifies by heating your body at lower temperatures (140ish) that penetrate to a cellular level. Some of our patients use it to treat chronic illnesses like Lymes, auto-immune issues, heavy metals, inflammation, fatigue, and pain relief. It’s also great for recovering athletes with the circulation and pain relief aspects, and anyone dealing with depression or stress, with how it boosts the parasympathetic (relaxing) nervous system and releases endorphins. Each of our guests has a story and it is so rewarding to hear each person’s healing journey.

Kelly Ingraham and her boy

3:30 PM – I try to hop in the sauna before or after one of my pumping sessions. It has helped me with clogged ducts, stress and much more in my post-partum. After not exercising for months and being too weak to work out for a long time, getting my circulation going with infrared has been amazing. It is so hard to find time to pump, even with owning my own business and only going in 2x a week. I am in awe of all the full-time working mamas out there, you are amazing!

5:00 PM – I pick the boys up at my parents house, get them home and immediately put them in the double stroller for a walk with the pup. After being cooped up all winter, these walks in the wooded trails near our house feel amazing.

6:00 PM –  Around now we start the bedtime routine, and the boys are usually in the best mood! It can be a tricky time of day for some but my babies are excited to see Daddy, who runs the bathtime show. I nurse them, pajama time, maybe a story, and it’s lights out for the twins.  

7:00 PM – After the boys are asleep, I throw together a plant-based meal or – let’s face it – order takeout if I’m exhausted.

9:00 PM – Before bed. I usually pump and do a bit more work, though I try to find time to read – my current book is Intuitive Being by Jill Willard. I take some magnesium and a giant water to bed, and never forget my eye mask.

10:00 PM Lights out.

Photos by Claire Callagy.

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