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Photo by Tara Donne

At heymama we love finding out how ambitious and talented mamas are building their brands and running their business. How are they crushing it with what they do? So we thought, why not peek into the fridges and eating habits of the some of the mamas ruling in the foodie space?

 Nicole Centeno is the super-stylish lady boss of Splendid Spoon, a plant-based, vegan, gluten-free soup cleanse company/program AND has a cookbook out! This gorgeous and smart CEO/founder is a single mom of two kids under three and has a super positive take on life and healthy, balanced eating. Her soups are uber healthy, but everyone needs a treat! She even admits to cheating a tiny bit. Hello, chips and salsa!


What's in my fridge

What’s in Nicole’s fridge


6am: Banana+chia+almond butter “bananascape” with my kids, couple bites of their leftover French toast which is probably the equivalent of one piece
9:30am: Coffee with almond milk
10:00am: Apple
1pm: Splendid Spoon turnip tomato pistou
3pm: Splendid Spoon coconut cauliflower soup
6:30pm: I make pasta with zucchini, basil, mint, tomatoes and ricotta with the kids
8pm: Chips and salsa
10:30pm: Lov tea herbal blend

pasta with zucchini, basil, mint, tomatoes and ricotta

Pasta with zucchini, basil, mint, tomatoes and ricotta


6am: Splendid Spoon ikarian stew, green tea
9am: Iced americano from Five Leaves and a croissant
1:30pm: Splendid Spoon mushroom with steel cut oats
3pm: Splendid Spoon vegan bone broth
7pm: Clams and corn with soba noodles with my kids


6am: We make English muffin pizzas for breakfast
9:30am: Apple
10:30am: Almond milk latte
1pm: Spicy shrimp wrap from Pret
4pm: Peaches
6:30pm: Half of a Splendid Spoon lentil kale – my son, Grover, eats the other half
8pm: Splendid Spoon khichri

lilia lentil kale soup

Splended Spoon lentil kale soup


6am: French toast with maple syrup and blueberry butter, green tea
9:30am: Coffee with almond milk
10am: Banana with peanut butter
1pm: Splendid Spoon butternut turmeric soup
5pm: Early dinner with my friend Tara Donne at Lilia – we share the bagna Cauda, I have bread with ricotta and a saffron and tomato pasta, ice cream with sprinkles and crumbled Italian cookies for dessert!
10pm: Lov herbal tea blend

Bagna Cauda from Lilia

Bagna Cauda from Lilia


7:30am: Half of a splendid spoon Buddha bowl
10am: Almond milk latte
11:30am: Splendid Spoon khichri
3pm: Apple, piece of fine and raw chocolate with almonds, and half a mug of coffee
5:30pm: Brown rice with scallions, peppers, bok choy, kimchi, beans with the kids. There’s some chicken sausage in there that they eat a lot of and I eat some of it too
9:30pm: Glass of rose and more rice with beans and veggies


8am: Matcha latte with homemade pumpkin+cashew milk
11am: I make and eat ratatouille
3pm: Coffee, salad and fries at Ruby’s in Soho with friends
5pm: Plain health ade kombucha
8:45pm: I make dinner with a friend: scallops with roasted carrots, balsamic glaze, pistachios, raisins and wild rice. Plus rose!

Homemade ratatouille

Homemade ratatouille


7am: Green tea
8:30am: Yogurt with chia, pumpkin seeds, almonds, some honey, berries, banana
1pm: Splendid Spoon red lentil dal
4pm: Kale salad from five leaves
6pm: Scrambled eggs with mushrooms and leeks with the kids
9pm: Half an IPA, popcorn with nutritional yeast and doc


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