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The Hawaiian beauty, Leilani Bishop, who has graced countless magazine covers opens up to us about the power of scents, balance, and creating  a mood.

You’ve had a such an amazing modeling career, how did you find your way into fragrance?

Scent has always been my favorite sensory, yet was rarely able to have the experience I wanted in traditional fragrance. I knew there was a unique point of view I could bring to the industry.

Are there any particular memories you have that strongly tied to the scents in your collection?

Absolutely, but as opposed to the scents having a specific memory attached they all conjure up more of a feeling memory. For instance the Pikake reminds of Hawaii and makes me feel as though I am physically there as well as emotionally, which is to a place of ease and balance.

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What do you do for yourself to feel centered and calm?

I am big on alone time and nature walks, mostly beach. The scent and feel of the nature always calms me, even in the winter. I suppose that is one of the driving factors behind my oils, for when I am not in nature.

What does balance mean to you?

Balance to me is feeling self-expressed in all areas of life, work, social, family, me time. It takes an effort to put down one hat and put on another, or to say no to everyone and yes to yourself. But I definitely need the balance of it all because too much of one throws me out of balance.


How can women incorporate fragrance into their lives to create a mood and sense of well-being?

As I get older and I guess wiser, I realize things like fragrance and objects of beauty are not frivolous but necessary, they feed your creativity and self-expression. Fragrance is another way of defining who we are, and giving ourselves a boost throughout the day. I wear fragrance for myself more then for others. 1000%.

…things like fragrance and objects of beauty are not frivolous but necessary, they feed your creativity and self-expression

How can fragrance be use to change your state of mind?

Smells are stored in the memory in a sensorial and emotional context, which we are not always aware of. We memorize smells with sounds and images.
When a fragrance has a scent in it that makes you happy, it usually is triggering an emotional response that was previously store. So while it might seem like a marketing tool, the truth is the scents we respond to can actually change our mood and adjust our mindset.

So while it might seem like a marketing tool, the truth is the scents we respond to can actually change our mood and adjust our mindset.

You’ve traveled so much, what do you keep in your bag to feel at home?

I have a couple of little travel bags that I always throw in my carry on. One has essential oils… such as lavender, for relaxation and cuts, lemon to disinfect, peppermint, for stomach issues. A little notebook to draw or write in, my oils of course 🙂 I also have my music, tea bags and a good travel pillow. Lastly some incense for the hotel room.


How has surrounding yourself with creative women been important to you?

Surrounding myself with creative women has been my EVERYTHING! First of all, as a business owner you constantly need to be inspired and have role models. Which all my friends do for me and all in different aspects. I can’t think of one of my friends who does not have a creative endeavor so there is a lot of shop talk as well as introductions. It is a very positive and supportive environment and is one of the main reasons I wanted to own my own business, so that I could work and collaborate with other women doing amazing things!


What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?

Trust and spend time getting to know yourself… because as my friend Marie Forleo says…
“The world needs that special something that only YOU can offer!”

What do you want most in the world for your son?

For him to be happy and self–expressed.

girl on the beach

What do you wish you could tell your 20-year-old self?

That you don’t have to please anyone but yourself and to invest money!

What’s on the horizon for you?

I am focused on growing my company and spending more time out west in the winters. I am also enjoying my son as he is leaving childhood and entering the teen years. It goes so fast, and I want to be fully present for this next chapter.

What are some personal professional goals you have for the coming year?

Raising funds and expanding the distribution of my oils as well as launching a body oil made from a nut found in Hawaii. Our charitable arm will also expand which I am happy about! I am also looking forward to collaborating with my friends on some cool projects… soon to be announced!

To find Leilani’s scents click here

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