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Lands’ End is hosting an awesome selection of fun holiday things to do with your kids while you shop at their Soho store, 580 Broadway, through December 14th. Not only did we have a blast with our girls trying on their amazing clothes and accessories, but I also won $100 when I picked up the phone in their #santaforaday phone booth in the center of the store! If you are shopping in Soho this weekend, you should totally stop by for a little break. Insider tip, they have free hot cocoa! Read on to hear more about how much fun we had…

land's end

I love doing most everything with my daughter Mari. Everything except one of my personal favorite activities, shopping. And when it’s Holiday shopping? Forget about it. She immediately wants a treat (that I don’t have), gets bored, gets lost, gets hot, decides to play hide and seek, and on occasion, has been known to burst into tears for no apparent reason and demand to go home. Fun times! So you can imagine I didn’t have high hopes for a shopping playdate with our besties Katya and Lili. We’d heard that Lands End had a direct dial to Santa at the North Pole and well, who doesn’t want to talk to Santa? So, I put on my best holiday cheer, took some a\Advil and decided to head over to Soho.

land's end

I don’t think I’ve ever been in a Lands’ End store, so the first lovely surprise was that their stuff is really cute and high quality. Who knew? Katya and I had so much fun putting looks together for ourselves and the girls. Mari and Lili actually squealed with delight when I showed them the outfits we’d made for them. (If you have a five-year-old, you know this never happens!) The girls actually dashed out of the fitting room, hugging and complimenting each other. Mama’s score: 1.

land's end

We cruised by the giant red retro phone booth in the center of the store on our way to get hot cocoa just as the phone rang. Mari jumped a bit and made a swift turn in to grab the phone. Who could it be but Santa HR asking her if she wanted to be Santa for a day? Why yes! When asked what would she do if she were Santa, she said, “Bring extra special gifts to all those kids that don’t get many gifts and make everyone have a nice Christmas dinner!”. I’m not going to lie, I got a little teary eyed at that one. For sharing her wish, this little nugget got a $100 gift card on the spot (and you can too, the phone rings all the time. Really!) Score 2 for the mamas.

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Let’s go back to the hot cocoa. It’s free and when we were reaching melt-down zone, just the mention of hot cocoa induced smiling and cheering. They also have unlimited marshmallow and toppings. Score 3 for the mamas.

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And if that wasn’t enough to keep the girls entertained, there was a video photo booth that was easy enough for our 5-year-olds to navigate all on their own. There was a box of super cool costumes right next to it so they could play dress-up and take unlimited selfies. Katya and I had time to shop the whole store for ourselves, buy a few things to check off our Christmas lists, get our own hot cocoa and squeeze in a grown up conversation before heading home. Total win!


Katya’s look: Button down (in store), Sweater (in store), Faux fur jacket

Amri’s look: Striped top (in store), Skirt

Lili’s look: Sequin sweater, Skirt, Bag (in store), Headband (in store)

Mari’s look: Sequin sweater, Polkadot dress (in store), Bag (in store), Headband (in store)

land's end

Participate with your little ones in the #santaforaday social campaign from November 17-December 20 on Twitter. Each day a unique Santa interview question will be asked at @LandsEnd; participants can answer using #santaforaday and #LandsEndHoliday to be entered for a chance to win a $100 Lands’ End gift card. Ask your babes to share their answer for some awww-inducing moments. Winners will be selected at random. The gift card prize are a little boost to help aspiring Santas fulfill their gift lists this holiday season.

land's end

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