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We caught up with the incredibly stylish French mama and designer behind Diapers & Milk; Leia Sfez. Her 100% organic baby leggings line is made all in France. Leia is a  master of minimal chic fashion that doesn’t take itself too seriously and carries her aesthetic over to Diapers & Milk, her photography, and her lifestyle. She can also make coffee, ice cream, and puppies look even more enticing on her Instagram feed than we thought possible.


You have a cult-like following on Instagram, in fact many of the mamas we talk to say you are one of their inspirations. Who are some of your inspirations?

I don’t really have people in particular that I follow as my inspirations. All of these women, mamas or designers, inspire me. Some make me laugh, others give me ideas, and others make me want to continue what I’m doing. It’s a mix!

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Tell us about Diapers & Milk and when/how you decided to start on your cool leggings line?

I first started making pieces for my daughter. Several of my friends asked me where I bought her leggings, and some moms stopped me in the street to ask too! So my husband made me an e-shop, and I was nervous, I admit. In the first month my small business was getting a good response , but then by the first 3 months, I had received thousands of orders! At that point, I realized that I had created a brand.

…by the first 3 months, I had received thousands of orders! At that point, I realized that I had created a brand.

Are there a lot of mama entrepreneurs in Paris, how did your community and friends support your decision to start a company? Was there anyone specific who helped you?

My husband is my other half, without him I wouldn’t have been able to develop this business. We are very complimentary. I design, create and take care of all the artistic parts, and he’s a marketing pro, so he gets to put my ideas into digital form.


You’ve been doing some pretty cool videos lately, how do you see video playing a role moving forward in the social media landscape?

Oh la la, I’m flattered, I’ll have to make some new ones! I thought it was really cool to break away from Instagram and get behind the camera to be more real to people. On my end, I love watching interviews or street style videos and think it lets you get to know the person.

You talk on one of your latest blog posts about being copied and how that can be a good thing, can you tell us more?

There is no worse feeling than to see his work copied. But it’s actually a good thing, because on the other hand, it gives us a vision of the reach we have!


Where do you see your business heading in the next few years and what are your biggest challenges you face to get there?

I’m working on A LOT of cool projects and can’t wait to tell you more. But I hope the brand will continue to be sold all over the world. What matters to me the most is to continue creating quality.

We’re really into hats too, we’d love your top 3 picks for Spring/Summer right now.

For me: all black Birkenstocks, leather shorts, one-piece swimsuit.

For her: Birkenstocks, Stella McCartney swimsuit, absolutely in love with their patterns, and some cool Sons+Daughter sunglasses.


What has been the greatest accomplishment you’ve had in your career?

Receiving emails or comments from women thanking me for inspiring them to create their own businesses. I think that’s my greatest reward.

You’re quite the savvy businesswoman, can you tell us a few pitfalls that mamas should avoid in business? Things you wish you knew in the beginning?

Think big. Do not think that your business will stay small.

To catch up with Leia, check out her website and Instagram here.


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