Treating our interiors as well as the surface is something that we hear more frequently everyday. Model turned entrepreneur, Leilani Bishop tells us that beauty comes from the inside, out and, together with co-founder Bethany Mayer, has opened Botanica Bazaar, which is curated with all of your summer beauty essentials. The beautiful shop is stocked with all natural products that will keep you radiating all year round.

Tell us the story behind Botanica Bazaar? Where did the idea come from?

The store is a passion project for both Bethany and I. We each have our own companies based in fashion and beauty and were often asked about our beauty and health routines. Having both been raised by health conscious parents and doing the same for our kids, we wanted to provide the same options to our community.

Your partner Bethany Mayer’s line Surf Bazaar has an outpost at the Surf Lodge! We’re so excited to be hosting our #STRONGLIKEAMAMA event there, it’s a pretty cool spot. Have you two had some great times there?

We have the BEST memories at SURF LODGE. For the first 2-3 years Surf Lodge was still under the radar and our good friends were the main owners. It was very special and a bit like our own social/party hangout, my husband would dj on the deck on Sundays and we had many a dance-off without having to deal with the huge crowds that exist today.

What’s it like working with your friend? How do you divide and conquer?

It’s really amazing how seamless it has been, Bethany has had so much retail experience that I feel really lucky to have her as a partner. I like to think that she is the CFO, I am the COO and we are both the CEO. We are both involved in everything, but we focus on our strengths.

Botanica Bazaar products, Shiva Rose body butter

What’s your favorite workout? How do you stay fit?

I have gotten totally obsessed with the Tracy Anderson Method, it is the perfect workout to get me through the winter. It is in a heated room and helps me build and maintain strength. I couple that with yoga and surfing.

What’s your wellness routine like?

I try to eat as many whole foods as possible, and am super into my ingestibles. I use The Beauty Chef, which is a line that promotes beauty from the gut, all of her products are probiotic based and easily assimilated into the system. I also take Royal Jelly and Sun Potion products. Not to mention I juice at home as much as possible..completely obsessed with the benefits of pineapple juice right now and add it to all my juices!

Sometimes it’s hard to bring that gap between natural beauty products and really amazing products that work, what are some of your favorites that are both?

I think that has been a problem for a while and I am seeing a whole new scientific approach to natural beauty these days. Brands have really done their homework and are creating lines that have been proven to work, creating real benefits.

One is Tata Harper’s line. Hers is an anti-aging line that has incorporated botanical ingredients that are proven to work better then synthetic ingredients would or could, because of the active ingredients in them. Immunicologie is another amazing brand that uses the benefits of clay to create effective beauty benefits, and simultaneously provides immune support reintroducing minerals into your system that act as antioxidants.

Botanica Bazaar products, purosoma resurrection bath

I think the biggest trick I learned is that less is more and beauty comes from the inside is in your attitude as well as what you put in and on your body.

What are 3 sun products we need to scoop up now?

We love:

Pratima Rose Neem for face..

Coola and Badger or both great for kids ..

I love the zinc continuous spray by Soleil TouJours

How does community play a role in what you’re up to?

Community was the driving force behind Botanica Bazaar. We wanted to create a conversation of well being, and provide a place to take that conversation further.

Having spent your career in fashion and beauty, how do you think this influenced your beauty choices today? You must have learned some great tricks to look fresh all the time! Anything you can share with us?

I think the biggest trick I learned is that less is more and beauty comes from the inside is in your attitude as well as what you put in and on your body. Things like dry brushing and keeping yourself hydrated are big components  as well as sleep, sleep, sleep and Mascara!! Love my mascara

What’s been your favorite new product you’ve discovered?

It is really hard to choose as each category is so far as beauty though, I really love Pratima’s products and am in love with her Pearl Face Cream..which to me is as good as La Mer.

How do you do the buying for Botanica Bazaar?

To open the shop we bought lightly in each category, with a combination of both Bethany and I’s favorites. Now a lot of it is getting feedback and seeing what the needs of our customers are.

Lelani Bishop and co-founder Bethany in front of botanica bazaar

What’s a perfect day in Amagansett for you?

I love waking up and biking to the beach for a walk and a dip. Then I come home to shower and make a juice or smoothie, after which I bike to the shop and work there for a bit. I either end the day with a surf in Montauk or swinging by a farm stand to grill up some fresh fish and veggies for dinner with friends.

Three places we need to check out in Amagansett?

Honestly there are so many great is hard to choose..

Clothes you have ..TIINA, Ganeaux, Rube

Food… Hampton Chutney, Cavinolas, Marys Marvelous

Home.. Lazy Point, French Presse, THE LINE


You can learn more about Leilani here.

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