One of the best parts of our community is seeing first hand how mamas take a need and turn it into a business. We love meeting these women who have followed their passions and started something that is both meaningful and impactful. We were smitten with the organic simplicity of new member Nora Estrada’s growth charts and wanted to find out more about her business. From how she first started to what she would love help with to grow, we’ve got the scoop on this mama-run business. Read on…

Hi Nora! Tell us about your business.

Hi! From a Little Acorn is a mom-made milestone company based on California’s Central Coast in San Luis Obispo, CA. The Milestone Growth Chart is our flagship product and a modern update to the traditional growth ruler. No stenciling here! Instead choose Milestone Markers like a 1st birthday balloon to attach to your board. To us, growth is more than just a dash and a date. From first steps to first grade and beyond, these are special and defining moments in your family. Our boards put your baby book on display as a beautiful, living piece of art. We’re also currently designing new products set to launch very soon!


What were you doing before you started?

I still work in digital marketing primarily as a digital strategist for ecomm campaigns via social media – I love helping businesses thrive and connect them with great customers. I also run a site for local moms on the Central Coast called Central Coast Mama to support and empower our local community in San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara.

reinvented growth chart interview with little acorns

How much money did you start your business with?

Only $300!


What platform is your website on? Did you create it yourself?

I did! I created my site using Shopify.


How did your branding come together and who created it for you?

I have a 17 month old daughter, Aubrey, who is just growing way too fast. One of the songs I sing to her at night is My Little Buckaroo which says, “it was from a little acorn that the oak tree grew.” I just love the symbolism there. Oak trees dot hill after hill on the Central Coast and are so beautifully unique – they can grow practically anywhere, weather storms with strength, and plant deep, deep roots. They inspire me to think that our little acorns will too grow strong, courageous minds and hearts as they explore this world! I created a simple logo from there.

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What did you know about your business before you started? How did you do your initial research?

Nothing! After browsing Pinterest for hours trying to decide on my own growth chart board… I ended up with an epic stenciled #pinfail (and I’m typically pretty crafty!). It inspired me to find a better way for moms to make a beautiful board with still an element of DIY. A few classes and YouTube videos later and I was off and running.


What’s your average working day like? How many hours do you work a week?

All of my boards are made to order so it depends and changes constantly – but a lot of night and weekend hours.


What from your past experience is valuable in your current business?

I’ve always loved graphic design and Photoshop, so that has helped me learn Illustrator and a few other key programs.

about the growth chart from little acrons

Do you have people working for you? If so, how many?

No, I’m a solo, mom-made show!


What’s your social following like? What’s your most successful platform?

My social following is growing and growing organically which makes me really excited as more people see the uniqueness of the Milestone Growth Chart and spread the word. Instagram reigns king for me!


What’s the one area of your business that is the most challenging that you’d like the most help in?

Packaging – these beauties are big!


If you were given $100,000 right now – what would you spend it on within your business?

I’d spend 100k on new equipment, updated software, inventory backstock, an office facelift, staff support, PR, prototypes for new styles and products and a big social media campaign run.


What does your little think you do?

Create. Sometimes that’s milk… sometimes it’s a pbj… or a new version of Itsy Bitsy Spider. Other times it’s cool new pieces of wood that she gets to rearrange when I look away for a split second :).



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