Little Miss Party Planner is a boutique party planning service in New York City. Co-founders Seri and Michelle met while working at J. Crew in the early 2000s. Their love for partying, planning, and all of the special details that go into creating a one-of- a-kind event inspired them to start their own business in 2010. They bring creativity, style and their trademark energy to each and every event they produce. Little Miss Party’s work has been widely featured in the NY PostHamptons Magazine, Style Me Pretty and Brides Magazine, to name a few. Read their interview below to find out how you can throw the best party on any occasion. Catch them on The Today Show Monday, October 24th at 10am ET!

Little Miss Party Planner

We want to throw an amazing Halloween party with our kids this year, but are totally swamped and don’t have the time to put something together #workingmamalife. Any way to throw an awesome but easy party?

Oh well, that is EASY!! Order a Little Miss Party in a Box – Halloween Edition!! We have carefully selected an amazing collection of party supplies that will have you throwing the coolest Halloween bash in a matter of minutes! And the best part is most of the items are paper products, so cleanup is even easier — which is half the battle with kids! We love getting the little ones involved in the setup…from opening the box of goodies to helping you set the table.

Ok so now we have the Little Miss Halloween Party In A Box. What should we do about food? Any cool recipes you’ve seen people make or things you are planning to do this year?

Turn to social media for inspiration. Do you guys follow the TASTEMADE handle on Instagram? They put up these 30-second cooking videos everyday that are just addicting. The other day they had mummies in a blanket — here is the video — How amazing right? My daughter would go crazy for these little guys. I will be serving these alongside some healthier options like tangerine pumpkins and banana ghosts I found on Weelicious, another amazing cooking website.

We love your boxes, but what if we have some time and really want to do it a little more on our own. Can you give us 5 tips that will help us throw a great bash?

1)The key to a great party of any size and for any holiday is organization. Make lists, plan ahead and you will be much less likely to forget something! Here are a few more tips/steps on throwing an amazing Halloween party.

2) Choose foods that are easy to eat and don’t require much heating/reheating. One bite items that can sit out on a buffet table are going to be your best bet. This way your guests can snack and mingle at their leisure without you having to worry about serving cold food!

3) Pre-batch a self-serve signature drink. This is always our favorite tip! Signature drinks are an easy way to impress your guests as soon as they walk in the door! Take cues from the current season, like apples and cinnamon for fall and pineapple and berries for summer. Premix a few batches, leaving out any bubbles or soda and store in your fridge so when the serving pitcher needs to be refilled you will be ready to go. Top off with your bubbles and your guests will never know you mixed it hours ago!

4) Keep decor focused on one part of your home, like the food table, bar or living area. It’s very overwhelming to attempt to decorate your entire home for an event, so keeping a tight focus will allow you to really pull out all of the stops!

5) A few florals go a long way…stop at your local greenhouse or even grocery store to see what seasonal blooms they are offering. This time of year, mums and cabbages are everywhere and are a simple way to bring the outside in – not to mention they come already potted so you don’t have to worry about finding the perfect vase. Nothing says fall like gorgeous mum plants!


Little Miss Party Box

Speaking of Halloween, do you whip together really creative costumes for your family? No pressure, but what is everyone being this year?

Nope. I love a good DIY and I grew up with my Aunt Marissa always making my costumes by hand, but my boys live for the super hero and cartoon fantasy world and are suckers for the costume section in Target. Their faces light up over a store bought costume so I refocus my energy onto the actual Halloween party instead. This year Gavin is going to be Kylo Ren from Star Wars and Luke is going as Miles from Neverland. They will be attending their friend Eryn’s birthday party on Halloween. Her mom bought the Halloween LMP in a Box (of course ;)).



Little Miss Party Box

You and your co-founder are both moms! Our favorite kind of cofounders 😉 Do you get your kids involved in the fun when it comes to planning events? Do they like to help? Do you like them to help?

This is the best question ever! Not only do my sons want to help out, but they think that they are the PR reps for Little Miss Party. One of my favorite stories is when I came home from a dinner one night and my husband pulled out my son’s school folder to show me what he brought home.  The teacher had asked everyone to write a story.  Gavin’s story was all about Little Miss Party Planner.  He listed out exactly what we do, who we are and how to get in touch.  He was in first grade. Needless to say, we love when they help! They set the table for us, drop confetti, help cook the food…they are amazing and it’s our greatest joy to see how they take an interest in our business.

What’s your all time favorite party that you have ever thrown?

My sister Mandy’s baby shower. Her husband’s last name is Dick and thankfully has a great sense of humor. So I themed the party: Baby Dick (who’s a girl by the way, LOL!). It was the most gorgeous set up I have ever laid eyes on. And Mandy’s reaction was priceless. Mandy’s baby shower was even featured on Style Me Pretty.
little miss party planner

I know my littles LITERALLY get me out of bed in the morning, what gets you out of bed?

My family. There is nothing more inspiring than spending time with the family that I helped create. No matter where I go professionally, my family will always be my greatest accomplishment yet.

Don’t mind me this very bad joke, but very serious question. When partying is your job what do you do for fun?


Little Miss Party Box

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